Vitamix E310 vs. Pro 750 – (Comparison)

Regarding blending excellence, the Vitamix E310 vs. Pro 750 stand tall, producing results that are practically indistinguishable. However, beneath the surface, nuanced distinctions may influence your decision.

Vitamix E310 vs. Pro 750


  • Both Vitamix Explorian E310 and Pro 750 deliver equal blending quality, ensuring superb results in every use.
  • While their bodies may look similar, the Explorian E310 is a budget-friendly option with a simpler design, lacking the Pro 750’s extra features.
  • Pro 750 has a technically more powerful motor, but the practical difference is minimal.
  • Both models work with Legacy containers and offer compatibility with various attachments.
  • E310 is for budget-conscious users, while Pro 750 appeals to those seeking extra features for a more advanced blending experience.

In this comparison, we’ll dissect the features of these two Vitamix models to help you choose the one that aligns with your preferences and needs.

Vitamix E310 vs. Pro 750

The Vitamix E310 and Pro 750 offer comparable blending quality, but differ in design and features. The E310 is a budget-friendly, no-frills option with a smaller minimum batch size, while the Pro 750 boasts additional features and a more powerful motor at a higher price point.

1. Body and Design

Vitamix E310 vs. Pro 750 Body
E310 &. Pro 750 Body and Design

At a glance, the bodies of the Explorian E310 and the Pro 750 share a resemblance.

Explorian E310

  • The Explorian E310’s body design strikes a balance between the classic C-Series 5200 and the sleek G-Series models.
  • From the sides, it closely resembles its predecessors.
  • Notably, the Explorian lacks an on/off switch on the body – a feature present in the Pro 750.
  • If safety is your priority (especially with curious kids or energetic pets), the Explorian might not be your top pick.

Pro 750

  • The Pro 750 boasts a streamlined back, perfect for open-kitchen layouts.
  • Its secondary on/off switch on the side adds an extra layer of safety.
  • The back label displays essential information like the serial number and specifications.

The Explorian E310 seems to blend elements of the older C-Series 5200 and the G-Series. Notable differences lie in the sides, with the Explorian lacking the on/off switch for an added layer of safety – a feature present on the Pro 750.

The backs diverge in design, catering to different kitchen layouts, with the Pro 750 having a more streamlined look suitable for open kitchens.

2. Front and Controls

Explorian E310

  • The front panel of the Explorian E310 is straightforward.
  • It lacks preprogrammed settings found in the Pro 750.
  • However, the switches feel nearly identical – a testament to Vitamix’s consistent quality.

Pro 750

  • The Pro 750’s front panel features preprogrammed settings for convenience.
  • The switches maintain the same tactile feel as the Explorian.
  • So, whether you’re blending a smoothie or making hot soup, the Pro 750 has you covered.

Frontal views reveal similarities in switches between the two models, but the Pro 750 boasts preprogrammed settings absent in the Explorian E310.

Both models feature rubber lids, but the Pro 750’s lid is wider, accommodating its larger 64-ounce container compared to the Explorian’s 48-ounce container. The Pro 750 also offers a more ergonomic rubber handle.

3. Motor Performance

Vitamix E310 vs. Pro 750 motor

While both models deliver impeccable blending, there are nuances in the motor design. The Explorian E310 sports a 2.0 motor, reminiscent of the older C-Series 5200, tailored for narrow containers.

In contrast, the Pro 750 boasts a more robust motor designed for the squat 64-ounce container, providing technically higher power. However, the practical impact on blend quality is negligible.

4. Lid Material

Both blenders sport lids made from that trusty old-school rubber material. However, there’s a subtle difference:

  • Explorian E310: The lid design mirrors simplicity.
  • Pro 750: Its wider lid accommodates the larger container size.

5. Compatibility

The Explorian E310 and the Pro 750 support all Legacy containers, including 32-ounce wet and dry containers, and the Personal Cup Adapter for added versatility. The key distinction lies in features, with the Explorian E310 offering fewer extras, contributing to its more budget-friendly price point.

6. Target Audience

The Explorian E310 emerges as a no-frills, entry-level Vitamix, ideal for those seeking quality blends without additional features. Its smaller minimum batch size benefits individuals, seniors, or those living alone.

The Explorian’s affordability makes it a compelling option for those new to the Vitamix family or seeking a reliable blender without breaking the bank.


In the battle of Vitamix models, the Explorian E310 vs Pro 750 is not about superior blending but rather feature preferences. If you prioritize affordability and simplicity, the Explorian E310 is an excellent choice.

However, if you seek additional features like preprogrammed settings and a more powerful motor, the Pro 750 might be worth the investment. Regardless, both models uphold the Vitamix legacy of producing top-notch blends, ensuring you can’t go wrong with either choice.