How Much Does a Gas Stove Cost?

How much does a gas stove cost? One can doubt which company to choose for a gas stove with what functionality. Still, the cost issue is usually especially acute because, in the end, you want to find the optimal ratio of affordable cost and high quality.

Gas Stove Cost

How Much Does a Gas Stove Cost?

You should note that gas models will cost less than their electric counterparts, but the price range can be the largest, starting with economy options for $300 and ending with $2200. 

An average budget version of an imported gas stove without automation with minimal functionality will cost the buyer, on average, about $2200. If you can pick up options between $300 and $2,000, you have massive scope for choice.

In other words, the price will depend on several parameters, including:

  • Manufacturer (brand awareness).
  • Additional features and their number.
  • Surface material, and so on.

If you choose built-in models, you can save a little since they do not have trim on the sides.

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The Best Gas Stove Manufacturers: Top Favorites

Today, almost all major manufacturers are engaged in producing gas stoves. This direction does not lose its relevance and always finds the target audience. Among the most popular brands in this segment, it is worth noting such corporations as:

Gas Stove Manufacturers
  • GE  
  • LG  
  • Samsung  
  • Bosch  
  • Samsung  
  • Café  

It is not a complete list, and in the online catalog, you can see an extensive range of offers from other brands. Then, having studied all the characteristics, you decide which company to choose for a gas stove. To simplify this task, we have included a list of tips from different experts. 

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Expert Tips:

  1. Make sure that the surface of your stove is higher than the furniture standing next door.
  2. Both wall coverings and furniture close to the stove must withstand a temperature regime of 100 degrees.
  3. It will be best if you remember that a gas stove with electric ignition and an electric oven must be grounded without fail.
  4. It is not enough to buy a gas stove. You also need to take care of the hood so that use is safe. 

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The price of a gas stove relies on multiple factors like construction material, number of burners, features, and overall functionality. So, the cost of a gas stove depends on individual choice and preference. However, we will always recommend you go for a pricy and branded one because it is not wiser to take the risk with a gas stove for the sake of money.