Induction Stove vs Gas Stove – Which is better?

Induction Stove vs Gas: Cooking a delicious meal on a quality stovetop is as important as preparing it on an excellent piece of cookware. If you’re looking for purchasing a cooktop for your kitchen, it’s going to be a big investment.

Highlights on Induction range vs Gas:

  1. Induction stoves are faster, safer, and more energy-efficient. Gas stoves are versatile but can be costly.
  2. Induction Stove Heats cookware, not the stove itself. Great for small spaces, safe, but requires specific cookware.
  3. Gas Stove uses gas for cooking, offers control, but may be expensive due to gas prices. Safety concerns exist but are improving.
  4. Induction stoves are automatic and efficient, while gas stoves offer versatility but can be costlier and less s

The best thing is your preferred stovetop should last for a long time. When choosing a stove, you’ll notice that there are 3 available options, including induction, electric, and gas stoves, out there.

Induction Stove vs Gas Stove

Induction and gas stoves are two of the most popular options that many people worldwide have already experienced in their kitchen. Which stove should you opt for between induction and gas stoves?

To know the answer to the question, you must identify the differences between these two cooking appliances. Both stoves are excellent for cooking Western and Asian recipes in a concise time.

What is the Main Difference Between Induction Stove and a Gas stove?

Induction Stove vs Gas stove - Main Difference
The main difference between an induction stove and a Gas stove lies in their functionality (heating process) and energy efficiency. Induction stoves deliver better cooking speed, safety and energy efficiency than gas stoves.

In this article, we’re going to talk about what induction and gas stoves are with their pros and cons. We’ll also show you some essential factors, such as precision of controls, energy efficiency and sources, types of cookware, and more, in which induction and gas stoves differ.

What is an Induction Stove?

Like an electric cooktop, an Induction stove utilizes electricity as its power source. However, the significant difference between them is induction cooktops use electromagnetism to produce heat, while regular electric stoves have a metal coil to do the same job.

Induction Stove

Besides that, an induction stove doesn’t heat the entire stove surface. It just heats the cookware you place it on after turning the stove on. Keep in mind that you can only use iron-containing cookware on induction cooktops.

When you’re cooking something on an induction stove, it won’t make the kitchen atmosphere as hot as gas and electric stoves. So, you can cook an entire meal without much sweating. In addition, induction stoves are easy to clean due to their aesthetic design.


  • Perfect for people in a congested living space.
  • Includes the auto turn-off option for safety.
  • Saves much more energy than electric stoves.
  • Heat the only cookware, not the entire stove.
  • Protects you from accidental burns.


  • Slightly expensive compared to other stovetops.
  • Allows only iron-alloy pieces of cookware.

What is a Gas Stove?

A gas stove is a cooking appliance that utilizes different types of gases to cook meals. Many professional chefs and passionate home cooks use gas stoves to consider them the most preferred types of stoves due to their flexibility and availability in wider ranges.

Gas Stove

Gas stoves also provide you with excellent control over the heat to distribute the heat throughout the cookware for the gas stove. Besides that, you can easily clean them without much hassle, but the burners might be slightly tricky.

Apart from that, gas stoves can be the cause of extra expenditure since the cost of natural gas is increasing day by day. In addition, using gas stoves is risky due to the chance of leaking the gas. However, modern-day gas stoves are less like to cause fire accidents.


  • Typically comes with multiple burners.
  • Uses natural or liquid gas; no need to have electricity.
  • Perfect for cooking a wide variety of dishes.
  • Support any cookware on the burners.
  • Allows the more oversized cookware than its burners.


  • Produces high amounts of CO2.
  • Doesn’t allow you to use ceiling fans while using it.

Induction Stove vs Gas stove – Which is better induction stove or gas stove?

Induction stoves are safer, more efficient, and easier to clean but need special cookware and are pricier. Gas stoves are cheaper, can handle larger pots, but are less energy-efficient and require manual control. Your choice depends on what matters most to you.

Now that you know what induction and gas stoves are, you can easily identify the differences between these two cooking appliances. Here we’re going to talk about some essential factors that help you decide the better option as per your requirements.

Precision of Controls

When it comes to controlling the stoves, induction stoves are automatic, but gas stoves are manual. Even modern induction cooktops feature a programmable controlling system, which is relatively easy to operate via your smartphone.

Energy Efficiency

In terms of measuring energy efficiency, if gas stoves can save 40% energy, induction stoves will be able to ensure 84% energy efficiency. In this case, induction stoves are the winner since they don’t heat the entire base, just the heating area when the cookware is placed.

Energy Sources

As you know, gas stoves use natural or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), while induction stoves utilize electricity as their energy source. If you don’t have electricity to operate an induction stove, you can also use solar energy.

Types of Cookware

While you can use any cookware on gas stoves, induction stoves support only the cookware that contains iron into the construction material. The more iron a piece of cookware has, the more capable it will be for induction cooktops.

Ease of Use

Apart from the benefits, induction stoves have a few drawbacks, one of which is you cannot use a larger pan or pot on these stoves than the stoves’ heating zone. In contrast, gas stoves allow you to use more oversized pieces of cookware than their burners.


Due to the unique heating element, an induction stove is much safer to use than gas stoves. Modern induction cooktops also have an auto turn-off feature that can prevent you from unwanted accidents. By the way, you cannot find these features on gas stoves.

Ease of Cleaning

Since induction stoves feature a smooth glass surface, they’re easier to clean than gas stoves. When you’re not cooking something on your induction stove, simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth. On the contrary, gas stoves can be hard to clean, especially the burner areas.


Thanks to the advanced features and aesthetic design, induction stoves are more expensive than gas stoves. However, the stove price depends entirely on the model, brand, features, and how many burners the stove has.


In a nutshell, both induction and gas stoves come with useful features for many professional chefs and home cooks worldwide. If you’re looking for choosing the better option, you have to match each factor mentioned above with your requirements.

If you have to cook in a congested cooking area, a quality gas stove can be what you’re looking for. However, if you have a well-organized kitchen with plenty of iron-alloy cooking appliances, you should prefer a quality induction stove.

Hopefully, the difference between induction and gas stoves helps you a lot to decide on the right cookware. If we miss anything that should be included in this article, you can inform us about the point below in the comment section.