Stove vs. Cooktop – Is Stove and Cooktop the Same?

Stove vs. Cooktop: Everybody needs burners in their kitchen to cook food. Not only do they help you prepare a wide variety of delicious meals, but they can also enhance the beauty of your kitchen, especially when you set a stove of sleek appearance.


  • A stove has an oven and cooktop together, while a cooktop is just the cooktop part.
  • Cooktop Fits in the counter, comes in various sizes (30/36 inches), uses induction/electric/gas, and looks modern.
  • Stove Smaller, portable, 1-2 burners, uses electricity/gas, affordable, and easy to set up.
  • Cooktops need pro installation, have more controls on top, and are bigger but not portable. Stoves are DIY install, have fewer front controls, smaller, and portable.
  • Pick based on kitchen size and cooking needs. Cooktops for big kitchens and lots of cooking; stoves for small kitchens and less cooking.
Stove vs. Cooktop

Previously, many people used traditional stoves with coal and wood. These days, they are using cooktops, rangetops, stoves, ovens, and many more. They operate these cooking appliances with gas, electricity, or electromagnetism.

Since there are several options out there, selecting the right one for your kitchen and according to your requirements can be slightly tricky. You may have heard that there are differences between cooktops and stoves, but you may have no idea about them.

What Is the Main Difference Between Cooktop and Stove?

Cooktop vs Stove - Main Difference
The main difference between a cooktop and a stove is that the stove comes with both an oven and a cooktop. In contrast, a cooktop is an appliance that completely separates from the oven.

In this post, we will talk about those differences, along with their brief overviews with some benefits and drawbacks. If you already know what cooktops and stoves are, then you can skip to the following section of this article.

What is a Cooktop?

A cooktop is a piece of kitchenware that helps you cook a wide variety of dishes. It is a drop-in cooking appliance that needs a cutout in the countertop to set. In the modern age, you can combine a separate wall oven with a cooktop.


When it comes to sizes, cooktops usually come in different sizes, but the most common ones are 30 and 36 inches. You can classify them into 3 types based on power sources: such as induction, electricity, and gas.


  • Typically made of quality, robust materials
  • Comes with modern technology and a sleek appearance
  • Includes multiple burners and upper control knobs
  • Can be combined with a separate wall oven
  • Comes in many commonly-used sizes


  • Requires a professional to install
  • A bit expensive than stoves

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What is a Stove?

A stove is a piece of kitchenware that provides direct heat to the cookware to cook food. Earlier, people used traditional stoves, and their main sources of fuel are coal and wood. Nowadays, modern stoves use electricity or gas as power sources.


Typically, stoves are smaller than other cooking appliances. They are portable and have removable tops to support your cookware while cooking. Also, they usually have one or two burners and control knobs at the front.


  • Provides excellent heat to the cookware
  • Uses 4 times less fuel than cooktops
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Does not require professionals to install
  • Allows you to move it anywhere


  • Comes with only one or two burners
  • Cannot be combined with ovens

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Cooktop vs Stove: What is the difference between a cooktop and Rangetop?

Since you know what cooktops and stoves are, identifying the differences between these kitchen accessories should be relatively easy for you. To help you out, we are now going to share some essential factors in which cooktops and stoves differ.

Installation Process

Cooktops are slightly more challenging to install than stoves. They usually require a cutout in the countertop and a professional to mount them. On the other hand, you do not need to install stoves by making a cutout in the countertop; just place them anywhere on a flat surface.

Location of Control Knobs

When it comes to the location of control knobs, stoves, like ranges, typically have one or a couple of control knobs at the front side, depending on the number of burners. On the contrary, cooktops come with multiple control knobs on top of the surface.

Size and Shape

Since cooktops feature more burners than stoves, they are definitely larger than their counterparts. Besides, cooktops can be found in many sizes, but the most common ones are 30 and 36 inches. In terms of shape, both cooktops and stoves are rectangular.

The Number of Burners

Typically, cooktops offer 3 or 4 burners, but they can include more than that. On the other hand, stoves usually have 2 burners, but plenty of one-burner stoves are out there in the market. Both cooktops and stoves do not have a grill or griddle.


Cooktops are not portable. Once you have installed a cooktop in your kitchen, you cannot transport it anywhere. In contrast, stoves are typically portable. You can carry them anywhere you want, although you set them in your kitchen for everyday use.

Maintenance & Repair

Both cooktops and stoves do not require much maintenance if you properly use them. However, cooktops may need a professional to fix since they have advanced features. Conversely, despite hiring a professional to repair your stove, you can easily fix it by yourself.

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Ease of Cleaning

Due to the flat, smooth surface, cooktops are relatively easier to clean than stoves. You only need to wipe the cooktop surface with a dry, clean cloth. When it comes to cleaning a stove, the uppers and burner areas may be slightly difficult to clean for you.

Approximate Price

Thanks to modern technology and advanced features, cooktops are more expensive than stoves. However, the actual price depends on the particular model, its brand, and the number of burners. That is why you can definitely buy a pricey stove from the market.

Additional Costs

Since you will require professionals to install cooktops, you must have some additional costs in this case. In contrast, stoves do not want you to spend extra money. You can install them in your kitchen by yourself.

Final Words

In a nutshell, cooktops require more space, but they are perfect for making many recipes at once. If you have a large kitchen and need to cook food for many people, a cooktop is going to be a perfect choice. You can also place additional grill grates to prepare grilled dishes.

Cooktop vs Stove

However, if you have a small kitchen and need to prepare meals for a few people, a stove could be the appropriate option for you. Stoves do not require much space and installation hassle. Unlike cooktops, you cannot use grill grates on your stove.

Whichever cooking appliance you prefer for your kitchen, you have to make sure that the chosen item can fulfill your cooking requirements. All in all, your cooktop or stove should be sturdy and withstand for years without any hassle.

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