Rangetop vs. Cooktop: What are the Key Differences?

Differences Between Rangetop vs Cooktop: Every household has a kitchen that requires many necessary items, including cookware, utensils, equipment, tools, appliances, and many more. In modern kitchens, rangetops and cooktops are two of the most popular kitchen accessories.


  • Rangetops slide in with front controls, while cooktops drop in with top controls.
  • Rangetops offer more space and pro features but are bulkier and pricier.
  • Cooktops are smaller, elegant, and cheaper.
  • Rangetops might have grills; cooktops don’t.
  • Control knob placement and burner count vary.
  • Cooktops are generally more affordable.

These days, people use these cooking items to prepare plenty of delicious meals for themselves and your beloved ones. If you need either a rangetop or a cooktop in your kitchen, you have to find differences between them to decide on the right option.

The main difference lies in their basic design; for example, rangetops are slide-in cooking appliances, while cooktops are drop-in units. Meanwhile, rangetops have control knobs at the front side, but cooktops feature control knobs on top of the surface.

What Is the Main Difference Between Wall Rangetop and Cooktop?

Rangetop vs Cooktop - Main Difference
The main difference between a range top and a cooktop is their design and control mechanism. Besides, the installation procedure is another major distinction between a range top and a cooktop.

Apart from that, most people think that cooktops and rangetops are the same, and they can use these pieces of equipment interchangeably. The fact is that you’ll find a few more differences between them, and our today’s article is going to focus on those differences.

What is a Rangetop?

A rangetop is a slide-in cooking appliance typically built into the countertop and cabinet. This cooktop-like kitchen appliance doesn’t come with an oven, but you can combine it with an oven if you want. There is a space below the rangetop for oven installation.

Rangetop vs Cooktop
Image: ZLINE Autograph Edition 36″ Porcelain Rangetop (Amazon)

Since rangetops extend from the rear to the front in kitchen counters, they take up more space than other stovetops. They also feature control knobs in front of the units. Besides that, they usually come in 30, 36, or 48 inches, but the most popular sizes are 30 and 36 inches.


  • Available in gas and electric models
  • Sturdy and built for heavy use
  • Offers more cooking space
  • Fits larger pans and pots
  • Includes many professional features


  • Control knobs might be risky for households with small children
  • May feel bulkier than other stovetop options
  • Requires significant work on the cabinet counter for installation
  • A bit more expensive than other cooktop models

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What is a Cooktop?

A cooktop is a drop-in cooking appliance that needs a smaller cut to be placed within the countertop. Like a rangetop, this piece of equipment doesn’t come with an oven. Consequently, you can get a lot of space for storing many kitchen accessories.

Rangetop vs Cooktop
Image: FRIGIDAIRE Professional 30-Inch Gas Cooktop (Amazon)

Cooktops typically feature control knobs, but they’re located on the top surface. Apart from that, these types of stovetops can be induction, electric, and gas-operated. They also come in several sizes, but the most common sizes are 30 and 36 inches.


  • Available in induction, electric, or gas models
  • Control knobs are on the top surface, away from the reach of small children
  • Takes up less kitchen space
  • Provides the kitchen with an elegant design
  • Easier to clean than other types of stovetops


  • Comes with less professional features
  • Not suitable for busy or professional kitchen
  • Doesn’t include a grill or griddle
  • May burn you while using control knobs

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Rangetop vs. Cooktop: 6 Key differences between Rangetop and cooktop

Rangetop vs Cooktop

Now that you know what rangetops and cooktops are, if you’re looking for the better option, you have to know the differences between rangetop and cooktops.

Here are some of the factors below to help you decide on the right one.

1. Installation Process

When it comes to installing rangetops or cooktops, both are installed on top of the storage cabinets. A rangetop is a slide-in cooking appliance, which can be installed on your kitchen countertop, flanked on both sides of the counter.

Meanwhile, a cooktop is a drop-in cooking appliance installed on a kitchen counter, requiring a precise cut from the countertop. It’s usually flanked on all the counter sides, depending on the dimension of your countertop.

2. Size & Weight

Although cooktops and rangetops may come in several sizes, rangetops are typically larger than cooktops. That’s why rangetops are much bulkier than their counterparts. Both cooking appliances have multiple sizes, but the most common sizes are 30 and 36 inches in both cases.

If you have a large kitchen and cook meals for many people, a rangetop can be the better choice for you. However, if you have a small kitchen and not many people to eat in your house, a cooktop will be an ideal cooking appliance.

3. Location of Control Knobs

A cooktop features control knobs on top of the unit, while a rangetop has its control knobs on the appliance’s front. Whether you invest in a rangetop or cooktop, control knobs’ location should be a deciding factor, especially when you have kids in your house.

4. The Number of Burners

A quality rangetop usually has multiple burners, and all of them are power burners that can provide over 100 thousand BTUs. Meanwhile, a cooktop typically comes with only one power burner with a couple of secondary burners that may deliver 50 to 60 thousand BTUs.

If you have a big family or willing to cook a wide variety of dishes, you should choose either a rangetop or a cooktop with 4 burners. However, if you need to cook for a small family or don’t require to cook frequently, prefer a cooking appliance with a single or a couple of burners.

5. Grilling Option

Rangetops over 36 inches feature a built-in grill or griddle in the middle of the burners. On the other hand, cooktops don’t include a grill or griddle. However, you can use a griddle plate manually on cooktops to prepare mouthwatering grilled dishes.

6. Price

Cooktops are less expensive than rangetops, thanks to the advanced features rangetops have. However, if you want to purchase a pricey cooktop, there are many expensive options out there. The price of a model you’re going to choose depends on its primary features.


After all, cooktops may be the perfect option for small households, but rangetops offer more features and benefits than cooktops for professional kitchens. In other words, rangetops typically come with more professional features and better cooking power than cooktops.

However, if you’re going to purchase a rangetop for your home kitchen, make sure that you have adequate ventilation in your kitchen. As you know, rangetops are quite powerful and need more ventilation than cooktops.

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