What Is Fondue Pot? How Does Fondue Pot Works

What Is Fondue? What Is Fondue Pot? Fondue is one of the most popular dishes equally loved by adults and children. It has a delicate taste and appetizing aroma. The host presents it at a friendly table, which the guests especially appreciate. Fondue is prepared very simply; funny contests accompany its eating.

What Is Fondue Pot

And you will never be able to get bored of this dish because there are many recipes for its preparation. By changing several components, you get a completely different taste. Fondue can be prepared at family Sunday gatherings, in friendly companies, on children’s holidays, at home, in the country, or on a hike.

What is Fondue?

This food is cooked in a special pot over a constantly maintained fire. Its main component is cheese, melted to a liquid state with various spices and additives.

And the guests sit around the pot, dip cubes of the loaf into it and chop with long forks. This food with an open fire, a delicious dish, cheerful traditions and a friendly atmosphere turn an ordinary dinner into an unforgettable holiday.

History of the Fondue

Switzerland is the country that is the birthplace of fondue. There are several stories about its origin. According to one legend, in ancient times, when shepherds went with their flocks far into the mountains for many months, their food often almost ran out before the time to return home had not yet come. [Source]

Then the shepherds melted the dried cheese in a pot over a fire, threw spicy alpine herbs into it, and diluted it with water or wine. And on sticks, they lowered the remaining crusts of bread there. It turned out to be a delicious and satisfying food.

According to another version, Swiss homemakers invented this dish when the villages were covered with snow during harsh winters. And it was a big problem to get outside for fresh food. Bread crusts, pieces of meat, sausages or fish, and slices of vegetables or fruits were dipped into a cheese pot. And each time, a new dish was obtained, helping to survive until the onset of spring.

Fondue quickly spread throughout the world and gained particular popularity among gourmets. All you need to prepare it is a unique pot, cheese and products that can be found in any refrigerator.

What Is Fondue Pot?

The fondue pot is a container made of heat-resistant material that looks like a small pot. It is installed on a special tripod or stands with a burner, in which a fire always burns during the feast. Constant heating ensures the liquid state of the contents of the pot, traditionally melted cheese. Participants of the feast immerse cubes of bread or other products in a heated liquid with special elongated devices.

However, it helps out during the unexpected visit of guests or the arrival of relatives. A fondue pot is an original, beautiful and helpful gift for any memorable date, for newlyweds for a wedding or for friends for a family holiday.

There are various fondue sets on the market. The set includes:

  • A unique heat-resistant pot is made of stainless steel, cast iron, copper or ceramic. The standard volume (for 6 people) is about one and a half litres. There are small ceramic bowls for 2-4 people. Pots with a larger capacity – up to two litres are rarely used.
  • The burner is either a model with a sponge into which an ethanol-based flammable liquid is poured or other options when a special gel or paste is used for ignition. In such models, the fuel does not smoke and does not form soot. The easiest option is an ordinary candle in the most inexpensive burners. But this model is used only for heating melted chocolate.
  • Long forks with multi-coloured marks so as not to confuse individual devices for each participant in the meal.
  • Sometimes the set includes special dishes – plates on a stand, spoons, canapé sticks, spatulas, and gravy boats.
  • Often the set includes a recipe book on how to make fondue.

Types of Fondue

  • Burgundy Fondue: Hot butter is used instead of the cheese mixture when cooked in a pot. Cubes of meat, poultry, seafood or fish are prepared in advance. The fillet is cut into portioned pieces, dipped in soybean or other oil, marinated like a barbecue and put in the refrigerator. An important condition is that you need to dry the cubes in advance. Wet meat in boiling oil or broth can seriously burn guests’ hands. Dry cubes are strung on forks and dipped in a pot.
  • Vegetarian fondue: The main course is served with various sauces, spicy seasonings, and lettuce. Sometimes pickles or fresh vegetables and bread are served. In addition to slices of bread, various vegetables, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and spicy gherkins are cut.
  • Chocolate fondue: Children especially love chocolate fondue. It is served for dessert at the end of the meal. In a pot, melt any chocolate with cream or milk. You can make your cocoa mixture by adding condensed milk. For an adult company, adds cognac, cherry or liquor. Slices of fruits are prepared in advance – banana, apples or pears, berries – strawberries, melon slices, sweet straws, and crackers.

This dish is especially effectively served in a fondue device – a “chocolate fountain.” When heated, the mixture expands, and the chocolate mass falls into a special cone and falls, pouring over the tiers into the prepared bowl.

Fondue Traditions

Fondue is an occasion for cheerful communication of friends in an informal setting. Guests prick pieces of food on elongated forks, dip them in hot cheese and eat carefully, trying not to touch the fork with their lips, as she will have to fall back into the common pot. The hosts can serve additional forks – one guest will cook, and the other will eat from his plate.

During cooking, pieces of food often fall into the cauldron of cheese. According to medieval legends, a guilty guest was beaten with sticks in Switzerland for this. Different countries have their fun traditions.

According to French customs – the guest who dropped a piece pays for everyone. In America – the guest buys everyone a drink or kisses the holiday hostess, and the lady kisses the man to her right.

You can come up with traditions yourself, prepare a program in advance, and what the guilty guest should do – climb under the table, sing a song or dance.

Fondue is not only a delicious dish that can be prepared literally “out of nothing.” It is a way to spend time with your family and friends sincerely and creatively and save the most vivid impressions.

Overview of Fondue

Fondue pots are high-quality models that are always popular and are a great gift. The line includes sets with bowls made of various materials. The number of forks painted in multiple colours varies from 6 to 23 items in some sets. The length of the forks can vary by choice.

The fondue maker works without an electrical outlet, which allows you to take it with you to the country house, outdoor recreation, or a hiking trip. Burners with flame plugs or warming candles are included in the package of different models.

The Bohmann fondue maker is an excellent Chinese-made model for cheese fondue. You can use it to prepare dishes according to other recipes – from meat or poultry to vegetables or chocolate. Metal forks have comfortable, non-heating wooden handles. You can use it in a dishwasher.

Fondue Without Wine? What can I use instead of wine in fondue?

Fondue recipe without wine: Without the wine, here’s how to make fondue? Instead of wine, use 1 cup chicken broth and 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice. The lemon’s acidity is necessary to keep the cheese from sticking together.

Alcohol-Free Fondue Recipe [Bonus!]

Serving: 4 people


  • Broccoli: 1 bunch
  • Carrot: 1 piece
  • Stocks: 2 pieces
  • Potatoes: 2 pieces
  • Mini tomato: 1/2 pack
  • Wiener: 1 bag
  • Peeled shrimp: 8 tails
  • Water: 80cc
  • Cheese: 150g
  • Soy milk (milk): 150g
  • Starch: 1 tablespoon

How to make – Instructions

  1. Put a small stainless steel ball in the centre of a large stainless steel pot.
  2. Cut all the ingredients into bite-sized pieces.
  3. Put carrots, potatoes, turnips, and wieners that are difficult to cook in a pot, and add water.
  4. Cover and heat over high heat. Boil it over medium heat for 20 minutes.
  5. When you have 10 minutes left, add broccoli, shrimp, and cherry tomatoes, which are easy to cook, and add soy milk (milk) to the small bowl in the middle.
  6. When the ingredients are cooked, put the cheese with potato starch in a small bowl and stir.
TheKitchenBest Editor OPINION!
Under no circumstances should you ever leave an empty fondue pot on a heat source, such as a lit burner or a stovetop.

Final Verdict

Recently, electric fondue makers have become popular. Cups are often metal and can be coated with a non-stick layer. There are several modes for cooking or keeping the contents in a liquid state. It is a convenient, practical and inexpensive option for making fondue according to various recipes. Although not very romantic.