What are the Dimensions of a Jelly Roll Pan?

What are the Dimensions of a Jelly Roll Pan?: When you’re going to make splendidly spiraled jelly rolls, a jelly roll pan is a must-have item. It works perfectly for making cookies, biscuits, rolls, or even roasting vegetables. This excellent piece of cookware is made from a mix of 65% recycled steel and aluminum for durability and conductivity.

Dimensions of a Jelly Roll Pan

A high-quality jelly roll pan evenly browns your cake. It’s also ideal for making a bûche de Noël, cooking asparagus, and toasting nuts. The aluminum-steel combination allows you to release the pan easily from the cooking surface. Once you’ve used it, you can clean it without any hassle.

Having a lot of right jelly pans can be difficult for you because there are plenty of options out there. You may have an alternative to a jelly roll pan, but this may make an overcooked and undersized cake. That’s because you need to know the dimensions of a jelly roll pan. So, let’s get started.

What is a Jelly Roll Pan?

A jelly roll pan is a piece of cookware that is similar to a flat baking sheet. It features ideal dimensions with a 1-inch rim around the sides of the pan. It’s made of several materials, like recycled steel and aluminum. Most importantly, a jelly roll pan is a smaller version of a baking sheet, which you can use at your home.

Jelly roll pans often come in aluminum or steel and can range in weight and durability. As a rule, the heavier the pan, the stronger it is. Heavier forms also cope better with high temperatures, making them more flexible.

Jelly roll pans may have a textured surface, which some cooks prefer for uniform baking. In contrast, others may have a non-stick coating that facilitates the removal of the cake, which can also be scratched when using metal utensils.

Uses of Jelly Roll Pans

Traditional jelly roll pans are made of metal, and are used to prepare sponge cakes that, once cooled, are wrapped up with fillings like raspberry jelly. The cake dough used for jelly rolls allows you to roll the cake without breaking and can be of various flavors, and fillings can also be very diverse!

Today, the term “jelly roll pan” is sometimes used to refer to the usual half- or quarter-leaf pan, which is used for a variety of purposes in the kitchen: for baking a sheet cake, for baking vegetables, for cooking dinners on a baking sheet, for frying toast in the oven or baking nuts, for baking or bake fish or chicken.

A wide variety of jelly roll pans are available, each with its unique characteristics in terms of weight, size, and material. To buy one as a reusable pan, check the pan’s characteristics to ensure that it is suitable for its intended use!

Jelly Roll Pan Recipes

What are the Dimensions of a Jelly Roll Pan

Traditional jelly roll pans have been developed to make a sponge cake, which is then rolled into a jelly roll. By using a jelly roll pan, you can make some excellent dishes, like-

  • Roasted vegetables
  • Large batch frosted brownies
  • Cookies
  • Dessert: Pumpkin cheesecake bites, Yule logs, Almond sheet cake, caramel pretzel bites
  • Jelly Roll, Pumpkin Rolls

What Are the Dimensions of a Jelly Roll Pan?

What Are the Dimensions of a Jelly Roll Pan

Suppose you’re going to cook a recipe that tells you to use a jelly roll pan. Now, it’s necessary to know the dimensions of the pan. A jelly roll pan comes with the sides that are usually 1-inch deep. And the common dimensions of the pan are typically 10 x 15 inches.

Half sheet pans are a bit larger than most jelly roll pans. For example, a half sheet pan is usually 13 x 18 inches and around 1-inch deep, which is more than the common dimension of a jelly roll pan.

You may also find two common sizes of jelly roll pans available on the market today: 1/2 size and 1/4 size. A 1/2 size jelly roll pan is around 12 x 17 inches, while a 1/4 size jelly roll pan measures nearly 9 x 13 inches. In both cases, the sides are 1-inch deep.

When you’re making on a stovetop using a jelly roll pan, the maximum baking temperature is up to 450-degree Fahrenheit. In terms of washing the pan, you can clean it easily, putting it into the hot soapy water and rubbing it by just your hands.

What You Can Use Instead of a Jelly Roll Pan? – Jelly Roll Pan Alternatives

Half sheet pan: Although using a jelly roll pan is ideal for you, you can use a half sheet pan, which is a similar option. For making rolled cake recipes, the dimensions of a jelly roll pan are the best. It’s because the length and width of a jelly roll pan are narrower than a half-sheet pan. But, half sheet pan also comes with a similar depth.

Baking a cake in a half-sheet pan may produce a thin one that could burn or break. Almost all recipes for jelly roll pans want you to fill the pan with the batter around to its brim. It can produce a cake that is about 1-inch tall. It’s also substantial enough to hold plenty of filling.

Cookie Sheet: When using cookie sheets instead of a jelly roll pan, they aren’t suitable for baking jelly roll cakes. It’s because they don’t come with a rolled border to hold the batter. Even most cookie sheets have no edges of baking cookies all over their surface.

Sheet Pan: Some people mistakenly use the term Cookie Sheet when using a sheet pan. Keep in mind that the dimensions of all sheet pans are not narrower than those of jelly roll pans. Usually, if you use a sheet pan to produce a jelly roll cake, the cake may be drier and thinner than expected.

How do you clean the jelly roll pan?

It is best to clean jelly roll pans by hand. The typical way is to wash in hot soapy water by hand and then dry well on a grate.

Most jelly roll pans are not safe to wash in the dishwasher. But some may claim that you can wash them in the dishwasher. To pick a jelly roll pan that you can wash in the dishwasher, you’ll need to check the product’s label, as each pan is distinct.


A jelly roll pan is an excellent addition to the cookware industry. It almost looks like a baking sheet. If you use a half sheet pan instead, you may not get the expected outcomes. The dimensions of a jelly roll pan are perfect for providing your recipes with structural integrity.

When you use a jelly roll pan, it will help you make the cake without worrying about burning, crumbling, or cracking. However, washing a jelly roll pan is pretty simple. You only need hot soapy water to clean it. Using your hands brings the best results.