Is Copper Cookware Safe?

Is Copper Cookware Safe? Copper cookware has been used for years. Its construction material is durable, hygienic, and corrosion-resistant. It’s also an ideal heat conductor and is widely known for heating much better than iron and stainless steel. That’s why meals that are cooked in copper cookware stay warmer for a long time.

Is Copper Cookware Safe

Professionals and amateur cooks around the world know the worth of copper cookware. Expert chefs cook meals perfectly and gently by using copper pans. They prefer this cookware due to its low scorching risk. When you cook something in a copper pan, it can save your time and energy.

Is cooking With copper healthy?

Is Copper Cookware Safe

Some people may be wondering whether copper cookware is safe or not. It entirely depends on how you treat your copper pots and pans. If you correctly use them, they are safe for you. In this article, we’re going to talk about the safety and proper use of copper cookware.

Is Copper Cookware Safe?

Is Copper Cookware Safe

We already know that copper cookware is timeless, fanciful, and pleasing. Cooking with copper cookware can be safe as long as the coating is not damaged. Most copper pans are also safe to cook if you use them correctly. For example, if you use wooden utensils, you can keep the coating perfectly alright and save the cookware from scratches.

However, many copper pans and pots are designed with special coatings. So, they can sometimes leach harmful chemicals into your food. You need to be more careful when you’re choosing copper cookware from markets. Besides that, you may have some older copper cookware. You should be aware of these pieces of cookware when you use them.

When to Avoid Copper Cookware?

Avoid Copper Cookware

You may have to face some tough situations when using copper cookware in your kitchen. Know when you should avoid copper pots and pans to make sure that your prepared dish is safe from toxic chemicals.

Scratched Coating

Improperly cleaning your copper cookware can end up scratching the coating. Therefore, this will leach toxic chemicals into your food when you cook with it next time. If you want to clean your copper pots and pans correctly, avoid sharp cleaners, like steel wool and scouring sponges. Keep in mind that you should throw scratched cookware or use it as a decoration.

Dissolved Coating

If you cook any acidic food, like tomatoes, in a copper pan, the coating can be released and mixed with food. As a result, the food becomes toxic and is harmful to your health. Many doctors recommend not to consume copper because it’s extremely toxic to humans. If you need to cook acidic foods, try to cook the dish in any other cookware.

Unsafe Coating

You may have some older copper pans and pots in your kitchen. If you carefully notice them, you’ll see most of them are coated with tin and nickel that are not safe for our good health. So, you shouldn’t use these pans and pots for cooking purposes.

How to Practice Safe Cooking in Copper Cookware?

Safe Cooking in Copper Cookware

Here we provide you with some recommendations that you can consider when you cook with copper cookware. Try to follow them thoroughly to keep your cookware safe for cooking.

Clean Your Copper Cookware Correctly

When it comes to cleaning your copper pans, you have to make sure that you don’t damage the coatings of your cookware. Apply these cleaning processes to your cookware.

  • First of all, you have to fill a sink with a mixture of warm water and some dish soap. Keep adding the soap until the water starts bubbling.
  • Now, put your copper cookware in the water and keep it there overnight so that it can release stuck-on food or dissolve the burned areas.
  • The next morning, use a scrubber and gently scrape the remaining food. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use sharp scrubbers. It’s because this may scratch the coating.
  • After removing the leftover food particles, thoroughly rinse the pan under tap water.
  • If you still find some stains in your cookware, you can use lemon and salt and rub them along the surface.

Avoid Pre-heating the Pan

Copper pans come with highly toxic coatings. So, you shouldn’t pre-heat your copper cookware. This could release toxic chemicals from the coating, or you may have chances to burn the cookware. Before turning on the stovetop, you have to put all your ingredients in the pan.

Cook at the Right Temperature

Cooking at high heat can burn or melt the protective coating of your copper cookware. So, we recommend you avoid cooking at open flames and at high temperatures and cook at medium heat.

Use Correct Cooking Utensils

If you want to avoid scratching your copper cookware and preserve the inner lining, choose wooden or silicone kitchen utensils. Cooking with harsh metals may slightly damage the coating and help to leach toxins into your food.


To sum up, copper pans and pots can be safe, depending on some factors, such as their age and how you treat them. We highly recommend you cook acidic foods in other cookware and clean your copper cookware properly.

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