The 10 Best Jelly Roll Pan in 2024

The Best Jelly Roll Pan: Baked goods, such as- cakes, cookies, jelly rolls are very popular among us. More or less, everyone likes these desserts and enjoy a lot to eat them.

Notably, some people love baking at home instead of buying them from the market. Home-baked foods are actually much safe and healthy for us yet.

To make our favorite treats at home, we also need some baking utensils yet. From them, the best jelly roll pan is an excellent addition to our bakeware option.

Best Jelly Roll Pan

Actually, this rectangular-shaped pan is the heart of our baking process. Yet, it is the smaller version of the traditional backing sheet as well. As it is an essential tool for baking cake, cookies, and especially jelly rolls, so choosing a wrong jelly roll pan can ruin our cooking process badly indeed.

As of right now, many jelly roll pans of several brands are available in the market. From them, we have researched some top-rated jelly roll pans and conclude with a list of top 10 jelly roll pan.

To make things easier for you and give the freedom of making a choice, now we are going to review the 10- best quality jelly roll pans below. Hope, our review will save you time and help you to choose the right one yet. To learn more about jelly roll pans, let’s start the review:

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Jelly Roll Pan

1. Nordic Ware Natural Baker’s Jelly Roll Baking Sheet
2. USA Pan 1605CR Jelly Roll Baking Pan
3. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baker’s Half Sheet
4. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Jelly Roll
5. USA Pan Bakeware Jelly Roll Pan
6. Doughmakers 10311 Jelly Roll Bake Pan
7. Gotham Steel 1389 Nonstick Jelly Roll Baking Pan
8. Chicago Metallic Commercial II Jelly Roll Pan
9. Wilton Recipe Right Cookie Roll Pan
10. Chicago Metallic Commercial II True Jelly Roll Pan

1. Nordic Ware Natural Baker’s Jelly Roll Baking Sheet

Best Jelly Roll Pan

Nordic Ware Aluminum Jelly Roll Pan is an essential kitchen stuff for various event treats. It offers excellent heat conduction as well as extra care to the food while baking. Yet, this baking sheet is proudly made in the USA. And currently, it is one of the best-rated jelly pans in the market.

This Roll Baking natural Aluminum half sheet measures 15.12 x 10.62 x 1.13 inch, which easily fits into European sized ovens. It is durable and great for both home and commercial usage. Its reinforced encapsulated steel rim prevents aggravating warping very well.

Also, it can handle a wide variety of tasks and provides super performance yet. It can bake anything from rolling cake to baking veggies indeed. You can roast vegetables and bake cookies, pizzas and oven fries over it. Besides, you can perform roasting crisp oven fries to quick sheet pan dinner as well.

However, this pure aluminum baking sheet is best for producing browned goods and evenly raising baked goods as well. Also, this aluminum bakeware is never rusted for a lifetime of durability. Yet, this all-purpose baking sheet is an excellent option for everything that you bake.

Key Features

Made of pure aluminum
Superior heat conductivity
Reinforced steel rim
All-purpose baking sheet
Made in the USA

2. USA Pan 1605CR Jelly Roll Baking Pan

Best Jelly Roll Pan

USA Pan 1605CR is one of the best Jelly Roll Pan available in the market.  It is not just functional but also efficient in baking and roasting as well.

This classic jelly roll pan is manufactured by USA Pan Company, which is well-known for its high-quality bakeware over 50 years. The dimension of this Jelly roll baking area is 14. 25 x 9. 375 x 1 inch on the interior and 14. 75 x 9. 75 x 1 inch on the outside. Also, the dimension of the rack is 13 3/4 x 8. 62 x 1/2 inches yet.

Besides, this jelly roll pan is also available in different sizes. So, you can easily choose any of these sizes that match your kitchen or workhorse needs very well. And thus, this jelly roll pan becomes the most versatile utensil for your kitchen or the workhorse yet.

This versatile bakeware also offers extra superior aluminized construction with unique corrugated surfaces. It put extra strength to the pan and enhance the non-stick properties to a great extent. Also, the non-stick Americoat silicone coating offers airflow for easy release of baked goods with all PTFE, PFOA, BPA free features.

It also features six raised feet along with crosswire design to ensure uniform cooling and stability to the evenly baked goods.  This jelly roll pan is also easy to clean. It can be cleaned easily with hot water, gentle sponge, and mild soap as well.

Overall, this quality jelly roll pan provides ideal heating to ensure the best performance and quality service yet. You can bake or roast cakes, cookies, vegetable with this heavy-gauge aluminized bakeware very well. And so, most of the commercial bakeries and professional experts prefer this jelly roll pan most.

Key Features

Non-stick Americoat silicone coating
Superior aluminized construction
Features six raised feet along with crosswire design
Easy to release of baked goods and clean the pan

3. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baker’s Half Sheet

Best Jelly Roll Pan

This is another natural aluminum bakeware by Nordic Ware, which is designed for commercial use.  This durable natural aluminum roll pan offers superior heat conductivity and fulfills all the needs of your kitchen very well. Besides, this Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet bakes evenly and browns uniformly for a lifetime of durability.

The dimensions of Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet is 16.5 x 11.38 x 1 inch on the interior and 17.88 x 12.88 x 1.06 inches on the outside. Furthermore, the bulky edge of this Nordic Ware pan makes it easy to get in and out of the oven.

Also, its encapsulated reinforced steel rim prevents warping very well. This USA made pure aluminum bakeware is also easy to clean.  Yet, you can easily wash this aluminum roll pan only by your hand as well.

Key Features

Offers superior conductivity
Easy to get in and out of the oven
Bakes evenly and prevents over-browning
Encapsulated steel rim prevents warping
Made in the USA

4. OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Jelly Roll

Best Jelly Roll Pan

OXO is another bakeware manufacturer company in the USA. It is famous for its non-stick cook and bakeware. It is also profound for its jelly roll pans that are great for home use as well. So, if you need a jelly roll pan for your home chef, then OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Jelly Roll Pan can be the best option for you.

It is made of Heavy-gauge aluminized steel with two-layer coating. The micro-textured non-stick pattern distributes heat evenly and protects staining, scratching, and corrosion as well. Also, the square-rolled edges with secure grip features allow easy transfer from and to the oven.

Besides, this swiss-engineered pan increases airflow for bake good and minimizes surface contact as well. Therefore, this ceramic-reinforced roll pan offers proper heat distribution and easy food release yet.

OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro Jelly Roll Pan is one of the best Jelly Roll Pan for baking cakes, cookies, bars, jelly rolls, and even a variety of baked goods yet. You also can roast pancakes, veggies, and meat by this jelly roll pan. Actually, this roll pan will make you fall in love with homemade healthier food indeed.

Key Features

Heavy-gauge aluminized steel construction
Protect staining, scratching, and corrosion
Suitable for a variety of baked goods
Offers proper heat distribution
Offers easy food release

5. USA Pan Bakeware Jelly Roll Pan

Best Jelly Roll Pan

This is another quite popular bakeware from USA Pan. In fact, it is really a must-have jelly pan, who are looking for various features. This classic pan is also best suited for roasting vegetables and baking cakes, cookies,  and especially jelly rolls. Moreover, this heavy-gauge aluminized steel pan is proudly made in the USA, offering a lifetime warranty yet.

Overall this commercial-grade bakeware measures 14.25 x 9.875 x 1 inch from the outside. It is designed with unique features such as- corrugated surface, Nonstick Americoat coating, and air circulation system.

Also, the Nonstick surface features PTFE, PFOA, and BPA free coating for easy release of evenly baked goods as well. It also provides enough air circulation for quick release yet. Also, this sheet pan is easy to clean. You can wash it with the gentle sponge, hot water and with mild soap as well.

Key Features

Features Nonstick Americoat coating
Provides air circulation for easy release
Corrugated surface
Easy to wash
PFOA, PTFE, and BPA free coating

6. Doughmakers 10311 Jelly Roll Bake Pan

Best Jelly Roll Pan

If you are a professional baker and looking for a commercial-grade aluminum bake pan, then you can give a try to this excellent Doughmakers 10311 Jelly Roll Bake Pan for sure. It heats up faster and bakes quite well indeed. Yet, it is one of the best quality bakeware available in the market.

This GRADE 18 GAUGE ALUMINUM pan is designed in Indiana, USA, and it has a 15 x 10 x 0.75-inch dimension. Besides, it comes with a pebble pattern surface and natural non-stick properties. And so, you don’t need shortenings, sprays, or other oils for baking.

Even, this healthy baking stainless steel bakeware also offers more browning and quick release by passing airflows under-baked good as well. In fact, scratching doesn’t decrease the performance of this non-stick bake pan yet.

Overall, this non-stick pan is a good looking and well-performing baking option for all. It can be easily cleaned up by hand with hot soapy water yet.

Key Features

Perfect for commercial use
18 Gauge aluminum construction
Reduces the use of oils and sprays
Quick-release of baked good
Healthy baking with minimal maintenance

7. Gotham Steel 1389 Nonstick Jelly Roll Baking Pan

Best Jelly Roll Pan

Gotham Steel Cookie Sheet is idle bakeware to make your dessert time more enjoyable than ever. It is evenly a perfect choice to entertain at home by baking and enjoying lemon shortbread, chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin cookies as well. This cookie sheet is also great for preparing muffins, cake, and other baking goods too.

Even, you can also use this cookie sheet for baking salmon with sliced lemons, crusted chicken wings, veggies, bread, thin pizza with favorite topping, and many more. Yet, it is a perfect option for those who have large families and need an extra baking sheet on hand to entertain at home.

This long-lasting Titanium made cookie sheet comes with a 17.6″X11.8″ X1″ dimension. It delivers excellent durability and offers natural non-sticky features promptly. The non-sticky Ticerama (Titanium Ceramic blend) inside coating features PTFE/ PFOS & PFOA free baking without any need of seasoning oil or butter as well.

This baking sheet is also oven safe up to 500 ° F. So; you just need to throw food right in & pop in the oven. Besides, you don’t need to worry about food chemicals that are being used in your baking.

The Gotham Steel Cookie Sheet offers easy food release also. It makes it effortless to serve the food yet. Even you can use pizza cutter over the surface to cut up pizza and serve the slides off without worrying about coating scratching or peeling.

These metal utensils make clean up easy as well. Even after baking brownies or a gooey batch of caramel fudge cookies, you just need to wipe it with a cloth or throw it in the dishwasher. Overall, this kitchen staple piece is best suited for all baking needs indeed.

Key Features

Needs no oil or butter for baking
Non-sticky Ticerama coating
Up to 500° F oven safe
Easy going serving
Easy to clean up

8. Chicago Metallic Commercial II Jelly Roll Pan

Best Jelly Roll Pan

Chicago Metallic is one of the highly trusted brands among all bakeware brands. It manufactures high-quality non-stick bakewares employing premium materials and long-lasting construction.

Chicago Metallic Commercial II is one of the commercial quality high performing bakeware. It offers both dual-coated and traditional uncoated non-stick bakewares. The entire sheet is made of heavy-weighted aluminum steel that crafts delectable results for years. This avid baker superior construction offers not only excellent durability but also provides proper heat conduction as well.

The dimension of this diamond-quality non-stick bakeware measures 16-3/4 by 12 by 1-Inch, which is a perfect match for meals, roast vegetables, reheat leftovers, cupcakes, and muffins. Besides, this non-stick pan is also available in a variety of sizes to meet the need for various occasions. Moreover, this sturdy jelly roll pan is also dishwasher safe. For extending its lifetime, hand washing is always recommended as well.

This sturdy and quality cookie pan also comes with a lifetime warranty.  Under regular use, this bakeware is free of defects in material and craftsmanship, and it also lasts a lifetime yet.  However, this commercial bakeware is a must-have item for both experts and beginners baker indeed.

Key Features

Commercial high-quality bakeware
Heavy-weighted aluminum construction
Dishwasher safe
Long-lasting performance
Features both coated and uncoated surface

9. Wilton Recipe Right Cookie Roll Pan

Best Jelly Roll Pan

Wilton cookware is one of the quality aluminum chafing pan that gives your food a better taste than your expectations. Yet, it is a perfect option that keeps your food warm and tasty.

This best kitchenware is manufactured in China. It offers some decorative artwork accessories and topping to make your dessert look incredible. So if you want to want to decorate a cupcake, then this jelly pan will probably be the right one for you.

Besides, it is also best to show your creativity and experiment with desserts in which it has clearly stated the use of. This sturdy plan offers lasting usability and a smooth hand washing option as well. However, this Chafing Pan is also a low-priced option available in the market.

Key Features

Made of the sturdy aluminum sheet
Includes Cake Pan
Low priced chafing pan
Easy to clean up
The perfect option for baking desserts

10. Chicago Metallic Commercial II True Jelly Roll Pan

Best Jelly Roll Pan

Chicago Metallic is a highly trusted and renowned brand in bakeware. It makes durable, perfectly shaped, and amazing cake rolls with superior quality finishing.

Chicago Metallic Commercial II is the last champ in our best jelly roll pan list. This jelly roll pan is an excellent option for people who like baking. It is also a preferred choice by bread chefs who have a better understanding of quality, design, and strength yet.

Like the pan, this uncoated large jelly roll pan is a great option for baking cakes, cookies, pizzas, and even jelly rolls. Also, it can be used for making veggies and reheat leftover food items too.

This pan is made from heavy gauged aluminized steel that measures 14.75 x 9.75 x 1inch. The heavy aluminum construction guaranteed that all the food items are evenly heated pretty quickly, which saves the time of baking as well. Though the surface does not feature any coating, it can bake as both traditional and durable coating pans. This durable pan also features wire rod reinforced rims to prevent warping, dents, and even scratches.

Besides, you can put this pan in high heat temperatures and wash it yourself by the dishwasher. It is the most convenient and most beautiful craftsmanship available in the market. This best quality jelly roll pan is really a durable option for your baking need.

Key Features

Comes with superior quality finishing
Prevent warping, dents and even scratches
Heated pretty quickly
A durable option for baking
Uncoated surface and unique design

Buying Guide

Before choosing the jelly roll pan, it is always better to clearly understand the important features that need to consider first. Here are some key things that you need to consider while looking for the best jelly roll pan. Understanding these things will help you to make the right decision and not to repent about it.


Jelly roll pan is usually used for baking cakes, cookies, jellyrolls. Even you can cook vegetables and reheat leftover food items too. So, the choice of size for your jelly roll pan depends on your purpose and requirements of baking.

Jelly roll pans come in different sizes. You can choose the size based on your preference. Besides, if your family is large, you can buy a wide surface pan to bake huge batches. On the other hand, if you mostly bake for yourself, it is better to have a small pan for your kitchen.


Jelly roll pans are most commonly made with aluminum, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum. These materials have both usefulness and cons. The choice of material totally depends on your preference. All of these materials are solid, indeed.


Durable jelly roll pans are reliable for regular use. They prevent warping, dents, and even scratches and last for long.  Usually, commercial-grade aluminum, aluminized steel, and anodized aluminum pans do not go downhill quickly indeed.


Scrubbing pans is a very tiresome task for us. No one will like to have such a pan, which features a tough surface that easily stuck-on food and easily get scratched as well. So, it is important to consider the difficulty of washing a jelly roll pan. Usually, the non-stick surface is less tough to clean. Though there are some non-stick coatings which are difficult to wash and easy to scratch, so you’ll need to be careful while choosing a jelly roll pan. Dishwasher-safe jelly roll pan is easy to wash and convenient to use as well.


Nowadays, jelly roll pans are not only used for jelly rolls; they have various uses as well.  You can bake or cook various delicious deserts and veggies through it. Even, sometimes you may find it challenging to select the right one that meets your needs best.

And, here we have tried our best to cover the overall review of the best jelly roll pan with its complete buying guide.  So, if you’re searching the jelly roll pan for your kitchen, go through our review at once. Hope, then you’ll be well to choose the best one that can stand by with your needs very well.

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