The 10 Best Electric Vegetable Steamers in 2024

Best Electric Vegetable Steamers: Nowadays, people have become more conscious of unhealthy lifestyles. Today, they try to lead a healthy life by doing workouts and eating healthy foods. Besides doing exercises regularly, they try to prepare meals at home.

They purchase various cooking tools that pave the way for healthy cooking. The electric vegetable steamer is one such kitchen appliance that promotes healthy cooking and eating. It lets them steam veggies, meat, fish, rice, and other foods that lose fewer or no nutrients. The best fact regarding food steamer is that it offers oil-free cooking. As a result, people can prepare healthy foods easily.

Best Electric Vegetable Steamers

Although most people use this excellent kitchen tool, some of them need to face up with difficulties while steaming. Sometimes they get foods that aren’t appropriately steamed. Some people face troubles, like they can’t cook food for a large group of people. Again, some need to go for guess cooking as they don’t know how much water they should fill for steaming veggies or other foods.

These unwelcoming incidents occur when people choose malfunctioned food steamers. That’s why experts always recommend cooking enthusiasts use the best electric steamer. By using the best one, anyone can cook healthy meals.

But the problem is most people, especially beginners, don’t know how to choose the best electric vegetable steamer. They see various products, get confused, and purchase the wrong ones. To guide those people, we will describe everything regarding vegetable steamer. Not only that, but we will also recommend the top ten of recent times. So, let’s begin.

1. Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Rice Grain Cooker and Steamer

Best Electric Vegetable Steamers

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD digital cool-touch cooker is one such product that allows hassle-free cooking. It is multi-functional and offers you to cook rice and steamed veggies simultaneously. Let’s check out its other impressive features.

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Cooker and Food Steamer
Aroma Housewares

The rice cooker can yield up to 2 to 8 cups of any variety of rice, including white and brown rice. Once you finish cooking rice, the digital steamer will automatically switch to warm mode, which is another excellent feature of this Aroma Housewares steam cooker.

It includes a digital control panel that has an automatic keep-warm function. This best veggie steamer has a steam tray, which enables you to prepare veggies. Another remarkable feature is that it has a 15-hour delay timer that you can set as per your preference, and it will start cooking automatically.

Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD
Credit: Eco-Friendly Deals
Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD Cooker

Apart from all these features, it comes with a rice measuring cup and a rice spatula for added convenience. The digital food steamer is easy to store, measuring 8.25 x 8.5 x 9 inches. In a nutshell, with dozens of functions, it helps you cook rice, steamed veggies, or other food for your friends and family.

Key Features

Non-stick inner pot
Rice measuring cup
Programmable digital panel
Rice spatula
Delay timer

2. BELLA 7.4 QT Two Tier Healthy Food & Vegetables Steamer

Best Electric Vegetable Steamers

BELLA has gained popularity for manufacturing high-quality kitchen equipment. This brand always impresses its consumer with its excellent products. So, undoubtedly the BELLA 13872 food steamer has promising features that will make your cooking job more comfortable.

Electric Vegetable Steamers

You will be glad to know that this small kitchen appliance is considered the best electric vegetable steamer for its features. Let’s check out its functionalities. It offers a 7.4-quart capacity, and it contains two separate steaming containers. It enables you to cook various dishes to perfection. The steamer cooker features a 2-tier design.

BELLA 7.4 Quart Two Tier Healthy Vegetable Steamer
Credit: Rachel Yeh

For that, you can prepare multiple food items at once. It also comes with a water reservoir view window that lets you see the water level. That means you no longer need to guess how much water you need to pour for steaming.

The BELLA veggie steamer contains a quick-start heating system that offers steamed veggies or other food in 30 seconds. This kitchen tool includes an auto-shutoff function with boil-dry protection. These features ensure that food will be cooked safely.

BELLA 7.4 Quart Two Tier
BELLA 7.4 Quart

Lastly, it comes with two steam baskets that allow you to cook veggies and meats separately. As for accessories, this food steamer offers a rice measuring cup. Cleaning the BELLA is convenient because it is entirely dishwasher-safe. In summary, using this electric steamer, you can steam your favorite foods, including fish, meat, vegetables, grains, etc.

Key Features

Two steaming containers
Quick heating system
Auto-shutoff function
Rice cup
Dishwasher safe

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3. Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR Pot Style Food Steamer

Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR

Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR steam cooker can help you prepare healthy steamed meals. It allows you to cook restaurant-quality dishes at home. So, let’s check out what features enable you to make such meals.

Aroma Housewares
Credit: bestkitchenreviews
Aroma Housewares

This stylish rice cooker comes with a non-stick inner pot that offers uniform heat distribution. Plus, it prevents food from sticking. It lets you cook 2 to 6 cups of rice or other variety of meals. The Aroma vegetable steamer features an aluminum steam tray that allows you to cook perfectly fish, poultry, veggies, and more.

Credit: bestkitchenreviews

The most remarkable feature of the steamer cooker is that it is versatile. It lets you prepare multiple meals at once. You can steam meat and veggies while cooking rice in the lower compartment. Once you finish cooking, keep your food warm for an extended period with the help of the automatic keep-warm function.

Best Vegetable Steamers

You can set the warm-timer with a simple touch. Alongside these features, the Aroma electric steamer comes with a tempered glass lid that offers you to see food while cooking. This veggie steamer also includes a rice measuring cup and a spatula. In conclusion, this digital food steamer makes cooking easier; you can prepare steamed veggies and cook a hearty jambalaya and rice in no time.

Key Features

Automatic keep-warm function
Nonstick inner pot
Rice measuring cup
Tempered glass lid

4. Secura 8.5 Qt Electric Glass Lid Vegetable Steamer

 Secura 2 Stainless Steel Food Steamer

If you’re looking for a healthy way to prepare food for your family, look no further than the SECURA 8.5-quart electric stainless steel steamer. With this 2-tier food steamer, you may prepare a wide variety of foods, including cereals, poultry, fowl, meat, fish, and more.

This steamer cooker is equipped with an 800W stem machine and can cook food quickly and evenly by releasing steam from the top down using a 20V 60Hz power supply.

 Secura 2 Food Steamer

Moreover, the two containers in this electric food steamer are made of stainless steel and have “stay cool” handles. The upper lid has a knob that won’t slide around the lid. Also, it has an analog display to control and a clean water line for steaming.

Even better, this electric steamer only needs 15 seconds to produce steam and heat the contents uniformly and quickly. Also, it protects against drying out and shuts off automatically when the water runs out. This non-stick, BPA-free steamer keeps flavor and nutrition while removing the need for added fats or oils.

 Secura Food Steamer

However, this double-tiered steamer made of stainless steel is only 14.75 by 12.25 by 12.25 inches and weighs only 6.54 pounds. So, it’s easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher. Overall, this glass lid vegetable steamer ensures the user is happy and helps you enjoy steaming for a long time.

Key Features

Features Boil-dry protection
Designed with analog control
It is dishwasher safe
Equipped with 800W stem machine
BPA- free and easy to clean

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5. Oster CKSTSTMD5-W-015 Double Tiered 5 Quart Food Steamer

Best Vegetable Steamers

The Oster CKSTSTMD5-W-015 Double Tiered food steamer provides superior-quality features so that you can cook delicious and nutritious meals. It features two separate steaming bowls to prepare food quickly and easily. You can cook veggies in one compartment while the other one enables you to prepare fish, meat, or other items.

Oster CKSTSTMD5-W-015

That means its double-tiered design lets you cook two types of food simultaneously. The most exciting feature is that these bowls are transparent. For that, you can see food while cooking. The Oster steam cooker offers healthy cooking because it eliminates the need for cooking oils.

Oster CKSTSTMD5-W-015 Double Tiered Food Steamer

You can steam dishes that retain flavor and nutrients. Apart from all these features, this has an automatic cooking function. With that, you can set cook time up to 60 minutes. Once the food is cooked correctly or the water is empty, the steamer will automatically shut off.

Oster CKSTSTMD5-W-015 Food Steamer

Cleaning this veg steamer is pretty convenient as it is dishwasher safe. In summary, it is a perfect kitchen tool for steaming vegetables and cooking meat and fish.

Key Features

Two transparent steaming bowls
Double-tiered design
Power indicator light
5-quart capacity
Dishwasher safe

6. BELLA 9.5 QT Triple Tier Digital Food and Veggie Steamer

BELLA 9.5 QT Triple Tier Digital Food Steamer

It is a 3-tier stainless steel steamer from Bella measuring 12.51 x 9.25 x 16.06 inches (LxWxH) in dimensions and weighing only 4.18 pounds. With a cooking capacity of 9.5 quarts, you can cook a full meal with sides at a time in its 3- steaming containers.

BELLA 9.5 QT Triple Tier Digital Food Steamer

Also, this is a healthy and special diet-friendly steamer as it lets you cook different dishes, vegetables, and meats separately in separate containers to meet your special diet needs.


So, whether you want to steam your favorite foods like vegetables, grains, poultry, fish, shellfish, tofu, or red meat, all you need to do is simply turn the switch on, adjust the timer and let the steamer do the rest. Its quick heating system only takes 30 seconds to start steaming your food. This excellent steamer can also cook foods like dim sum and dumplings.

BELLA Digital Food Steamer

In addition, along with 3-distinct BPA-Free steaming containers, this steamer set includes a dishwasher-safe grain tray with a lid. Besides, you can keep up to date about the water level in the steamer through its 1.2L water reservoir’s transparent view.

However, this digital vegetable steamer comes with a bonus 1L rice bowl and a steaming guide chart that allows you to always guess-free steaming and enjoy perfect results. Overall, the steamer’s auto shutoff and boil dry protection features further guarantee the ease and security of its use.

Key Features

3- separate steaming containers
1.2L water reservoir
Auto shutoff and boil dry protection
9.5 quarts cooking capacity
It takes 30 seconds to start

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7. Hamilton Beach Two-Tier Digital Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Best Vegetable Steamers

The Hamilton Beach 37530A is one of the top-notch veg steamers on the list. It is the best vegetable steamer because it comes with all the essential features you need for even steaming. Let’s get straight into its functions.

Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer

This steam cooker is more of a traditional steamer. It offers stackable 2-tier steaming, which means it comes with two bowls. You can use 1 tier for small quantities of food, or you can go with a stack 2-tiers for a whole meal. Also, remove the center divider to prepare even larger food, such as a chicken part.

Hamilton Beach 37530A

Alongside that, this food steamer contains a rice bowl that you can use to cook white or brown rice and other foods. The Hamilton Beach includes a digital touchpad, allowing you to set the countdown timer and other functions easily. It also features an automatic switch for warming food.

After cooking food, it will start warming your food and will last for about 60 minutes. Another significant feature of this digital food steamer is that it includes a delay timer that enables you to fill the steamer with food in advance and begin steaming later when you set the time.

The only drawback of this veg steamer is it isn’t entirely dishwasher safe except drip tray and rice bowl. Overall, all these features make this a pretty popular choice among chefs, and you may also give it a try.

Key Features

Automatic warm function
Digital touchpad
Drip tray
Rice bowl
Delay timer

8. Rosewill 3-Tier 9.5-Quart BPA-Free Electric Steamer

Rosewill BPA-free Stackable Baskets Electric Steamer

Rosewill RHST-15001 Electric Steamer is widely famous for steaming a variety of foods. It comes with 3-tier stackable baskets, which are BPA-free and transparent. That said, these baskets allow you to see cooking progress. Each of the baskets features six egg holders that help you boil eggs in the upright position.

Rosewill BPA-free
Rosewill BPA-free Stackable Baskets Electric Steamer

Besides that, all baskets contain high-quality lids, and these lids have built-in vents that let steam escape and maintain moisture in foods. This veg steamer’s most remarkable feature is its turbo steam ring design with 800W power. For that, it can generate steam in less than 40 seconds.

Alongside these features, this digital vegetable steamer comes with a 60-minute timer for easy meal preparation. It contains a water level indicator and two side water vents to extend the steaming process and refill water. The Rosewill also includes a built-in auto shut-off feature that activates when water is empty.

Rosewill Electric Steamer

Lastly, it comes with ergonomic handles that remain cool during cooking and are safe to touch. This electric food steamer is compact and will fit perfectly in the kitchen cabinet. In conclusion, it is the right choice for those looking for something superior at reasonable prices.

Key Features

60-minute timer
Egg holders
Steam baskets
Rice bowl
Dishwasher safe

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9. AIKOO BPA Free 3 Tier Electric Vegetable Steamer

Best Electric Steamers

Aicok is specially manufactured for health-conscious people. It is an ideal small kitchen appliance for preparing veggies, steamed meat, fish, and rice. It has innovative features, so many experts have rated it the best vegetable steamer. Let’s see what functions it has to offer.

AIKOO 3 Tier Electric Vegetables Steamer

The Aicok Electric Steam Cooker is made of stainless steel, which is finely polished and offers optimum longevity. With a powerful 800W steam design, it can produce high heat and cook evenly. As it generates high heat, you need to use baskets that can tolerate such a high temperature.

AIKOO Vegetables Steamer

Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer provides you with high-quality steam baskets that are BPA-Free and can withstand temperatures up to 284°F. These baskets offer up to a 9.5-quart capacity, which is adequate to steam veggies, fish, eggs, rice, etc. You can prepare various types of meals at the same time in 30 minutes.

This electric food steamer features a water inlet, which means it has a highly visible water level indicator and two side water intakes. This feature allows you to fill water quickly as per your needs while cooking. Apart from that, this steamer cooker comes with a 60-minute timer that enables you to cook food when you want it to be cooked.

After setting the timer for 60 minutes, you can do other work, as the steam cooker will begin preparing automatically. When the timer returns to 0 or the steamer has no water, a bell will ring to notify you, and the veggie steamer will switch off. This product’s last noticeable feature is it comes with lids and convenient handles. In summary, it offers healthy cooking, and you may use it to cook food that retains nutrients.

Key Features

BPA-free baskets
9.5-quart capacity
Water level indicator
Side water intakes
800W steam design

10. Magic Chef MCSFS12ST 3 Tier Stainless Steel Food Steamer

Best Electric Food Steamers

If you are looking for an ultra-compact food steamer, you may check out the features of the Magic Chef MCSFS12ST 3-Tier Stainless Steel Food Steamer. With modern technology and design, it has become one of the most demanding food steamers of present times. So, let’s check out what features it includes.

The Magic Chef has a 3-tier design. That means it features three steam baskets that let you cook a large amount of food. You can steam vegetables and meat and prepare fish at the same time with the help of this 3-layer steam cooker.

Again, this appliance contains seven easy-program settings with LCD, which you can use for most food types to increase convenience. Also, it has an auto shut-off feature that prevents boil-dry. The manufacturer has given this veg steamer’s base a convenient structure; it has a stainless steel base that looks good and fits into most kitchen decors.

The only drawback of its timer doesn’t allow you to set steaming times according to your needs. Overall, it is a pretty suitable food steamer for cooking rice, vegetables, meat, and other foods.

Key Features

High-quality steam baskets
3-tier design
Digital display
Seven easy-program settings
Dishwasher safe

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Best Steamed Chicken & Veggies with a Food Steamer

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Vegetable Steamer?

Best Electric Vegetable Steamers

Everybody knows how essential it is to check features before opting for any product. And when it is to the steam cooker, we need to scrutinize functions before purchasing one veggie steamer.

Otherwise, we may end up buying a faulty kitchen appliance. That said, below, we will describe what to look for before choosing the best electric vegetable steamer.


In terms of types, you will find two variations of the food steamer in the market. One is electric, and the other is the stovetop. Electric steamers come with stackable trays that you can use to cook large batches of food. You can cook various foods at the same time.

The best fact regarding this tool is it doesn’t need any stovetop to generate steam. But the drawback of this type of steamer cooker is that it tends to be a bit costly.

On the contrary, the stovetop food steamer doesn’t need electricity to boil food. You can place it over the stovetop and get your food steamed. It comes under a reasonable price range too. But it has some disadvantages. Like most, it doesn’t offer perforated trays or dividers like the electric steamer.

Besides, it doesn’t come with any automatic features as well. You need to go with the traditional technique of steaming foods.

So, it is evident that both types have advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose a kind as per your needs. Anyway, we recommend you select the electric steam cooker as it offers hassle-free cooking.


Size is another crucial feature that you should check before choosing one veggie steamer. Generally, you will find various sizes in the market. They range from 3-quarts up to 14-quarts and even more. If you cook for a small group of people, then you may choose a small food steamer.

Also, you can select a larger vegetable steamer. You can choose any size, as it entirely depends on your preference.

The Number of Tiers

The number of tiers is also an essential feature of any veg steamer because it determines how much food you can expect to steam at once.

If your vegetable steamer comes with multiple tiers, it lets you steam different types of foods at the same time. Plus, it allows you to add and remove the foods when one is cooked before the others are finished.

Additional Features

Everybody loves it when they get something extra within their budget. Usually, people won’t look after additional features when choosing a steamer. But they appreciate it when they get such facilities.

You may check whether it offers extra functions when you shop for a veggie steamer. Some food steamers come with features like a timer, rice measuring cup, spatula, rice bowl, etc. However, we recommend purchasing a steamer cooker that offers additional features because it will add value to your kitchen.

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A vegetable steamer is an indispensable tool for cooking healthy meals. Health-conscious people use this kitchen appliance because it can preserve more vitamins and nutrients than the traditional cooking method. Apart from that, some other reasons make people fall in love with this piece of kitchen equipment.

One of the reasons is that it doesn’t only allow people to steam veggies but also lets users prepare steamed meat, fish, rice, fish, etc. So, this cooking tool is taking place in most kitchens gradually.

Although people have these kitchen appliances in their kitchens, most don’t get the best potential out of them. It is because they don’t use the best one. They choose without checking key features.

However, you need to avoid making such mistakes, and you should inspect every essential feature of the vegetable steamer before purchasing it. You need to check its size, tier design, material, baskets, water inlet, automatic features, and other essential features.

By doing so, you can easily get your desired steamer cookware and continue cooking healthy foods. We hope this informative article may help you when buying a vegetable steamer.

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