The 10 Best Chafing Dish in 2024

Like a banquet, wedding, birthday party, or family reunion, every catered event depends on the remarkable presentation and delicious food. On such occasions, we meet guests and keep them entertained by serving tasty dishes.

When it is about serving food for many people on such events, a chafing dish becomes a must-have appliance because it can accommodate a good quantity of meals for a large group of people.

A chafer doesn’t only hold sufficient dishes, but it also keeps food warm until the event lasts. But every chafing dish can’t keep food warm for hours; some chafers can’t generate optimal heat. And some chafing dishes come with minimum food holding capacity. As a result, some people need to face up trouble after throwing a grand party.

As a solution to those problems, expert caterers always recommend people to use the best chafing dish. They suggest people check every ins and outs of the chafing dish from the size to fuel types before selecting one. Suppose you are a restaurant owner or someone who wants to organize a catered event and look for suitable chafers.

In that case, you should also follow these methods for buying to avoid selecting a faulty chafer. In this review, we will discuss in detail how to choose the right chafing dish after examining key features. Let’s begin.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Chafing Dish

1. Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray
2. Elite Gourmet EWM-6171 Maxi-Matic Buffet Server
3. Tiger Chef Full-Size Stainless Steel Chafer
4. Nova Microdermabrasion Stainless Steel Chafer
5. Sterno 70153 Foldable Frame Buffet Chafer Set
6. SUPER DEAL Stainless Steel Full-Size Chafer Dish
7. Excelsteel Heavy Duty Professional Chafing Dish
8. NUCU Artisan Stainless Steel Round Buffet Chafer
9. Cuisinart 7BSR-28 Stainless Round Buffet Servers

1. Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray

Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray
Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray

The Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray is specially manufactured for conveniently serving multiple dishes. It allows users to divide the meat and other food items in the same chafer. So, let’s check out what other exciting features it has to offer.

The food warmer comes with three 2.5-quart trays, which keep dishes warm at an ideal temperature. Each of the pans measures 5.11 W x 8.58 L x 2.44 D inches. For that, these trays can accommodate a good amount of food. The Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray features a durable housing made out of stainless steel and coating. It ensures ultimate durability.

Besides placing warming trays inside this steel base, you can use it as a standalone warming tray. The electric chafing dish contains a heating surface measuring 20 x 13 inches. It produces even heating to keep food warm for an extended period. Apart from these features, this chafing dish comes with transparent lids, which are domed, and they aid in taping heat and moisture.

These lids also feature easy-lift handles for easy maneuverability. Lastly, the Oster Buffet Server Warming Tray includes an adjustable knob that allows you to control the temperature. You can set the temperature range as per your needs. Overall, it is a perfect warming tray that you can use to serve a starter, main course, and appetizers.

Key Features

Stainless steel base
Three warming trays
Temperature control knob
Domed lids
Safe-touch handles

2. Elite Gourmet EWM-6171 Maxi-Matic Buffet Server

Elite Gourmet EWM-6171 Maxi-Matic Buffet Server
Elite Gourmet EWM-6171 Buffet Server

Maxi-Matic is a renowned brand that comes with excellent kitchen equipment. It always tries to bring products that have innovative features. One such stuff is the Maxi-Matic Triple Server Food Warmer. In essence, it is a set of buffet accessories that you can use in the Easter buffet, family reunion, or other occasions.

The Maxi-Matic food warmer comes with a warming tray measuring 25″ x 14.5″ x 6″ inches. It is made of stainless steel that assures even heat distribution. The chafing dish also features three 2.5-quart buffet trays, which contain nonstick enamel coating.

Consequently, your food like fluffy mashed potatoes and rich gravy won’t stick to the surface. Alongside the trays, this food warmer comes with three transparent domed lids that trap heat and moisture. These lids also have spoon cutouts for easy use. You don’t need to lift the cover for putting the spoon inside foods.

The Maxi-Matic Chafing Dish comes with adjustable temperature control that allows you to control heat as per your needs. The food warmer includes cool-touch handles that offer a more comfortable grasp. The last noticeable feature of the chafing dish is that it has a power indicator light. In conclusion, it can be an ideal choice for serving appetizers such as hors d’ oeuvres or other foods.

Key Features

Warming tray
Three buffet trays
Nonstick enamel coating
Transparent domed lids
Adjustable temperature control

3. Tiger Chef Full-Size Stainless Steel Chafer

Tiger Chef Full-Size Stainless Steel Chafer
Tiger Chef Full-Size Stainless Steel Chafer

Tiger Chef is something more of an ordinary chafer. Whatever your requirements are, it will suit your needs. It will help you serve food elegantly at the birthday party, wedding, or any other gatherings. That’s why many people have rated it as the best chafing dish available in the market today.

This Tiger Chef comes with a complete chafer set. It contains a 4″ deep water pan, a 1/2″ deep full-size food pan, three 1/3rd size food pans, dome cover with handle, foldable stand, etc. The full-size food pan is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, and it features a mirror satin finish.

This food pan is also NFS certified for its durability and performance. It can hold nearly 8-quarts and serves 50 moderate servings. As it has such holding capacity, it accommodates all three 1/3rd size food pans that come with this chafing dish.

For that, you can serve multiple dishes on the same tray. The Tiger Chef Chafing Dish comes with a collapsible frame that holds those pans. Not only that, but it also supports lids as it features two built-in hooks.

They hold the cover when you open it to take food from the pan. The most significant feature of this chafer is it has two gel fuel holders with lids. They produce flame and keep your food warm for a longer time. In a nutshell, this Tiger Chef Full Size Stainless Steel Chafer is undeniably perfect for all catered events, and you may use it to serve your guest.

Key Features

Deep water-pan
Full-size food pan
Foldable frame
Stainless steel structure
Two gel fuels

4. Nova Microdermabrasion Stainless Steel Chafer

Nova Microdermabrasion Stainless Steel Chafer
Nova Microdermabrasion Stainless Steel Chafer

Nova Microdermabrasion 8-quart Chafer is a piece of excellent buffet equipment. It can hold large amounts of food for brunches, catering, wedding banquets, etc. The chafer is comprised of high-quality stainless steel that ensures ultimate longevity.

Besides, it comes with a rugged stand that is also made out of matte stainless steel. It won’t rust and corrode; this frame holds the chafer conveniently and provides optimum stability. Chafer comes with a deep water pan and a generously sized food pan, which is NSF certified. Both are attractive and aid in warming the food for a longer time.

The Nova Microdermabrasion Chafer also features two fuel safety burners and a burner tray. This tray supports fuel burners; thus, you can use the chafer anywhere you want and keep your party going on inside your residence or outside home. These fuel burners come with lids that extinguish flame exposure to assure guest-safety.

Again, this superior quality chafing dish set features two handles that are located on two sides. They allow you to carry the chafer safely and prevent your hand from being scald. The Nova Microdermabrasion Chafer has a stackable design that allows for easy transportation. Overall, this chafer is convenient to use and store, and it can help you display a large amount of food.

Key Features

8-quart pan
Deep water-pan
Steel frame
Two fuel burners
Fuel holder with lid

5. Sterno 70153 Foldable Frame Buffet Chafer Set

Sterno 70153 Foldable Frame Buffet Chafer
Sterno 70153 Foldable Frame Buffet Chafer

The Sterno Products 70153 Foldable Frame Buffet Chafer is designed for professional caterers and home cooks. It is made out of sturdy stainless steel that assures maximum durability. From the food-pan to the frame, it has nearly all buffet accessories that you need to serve food on any occasion.

The first noticeable feature is its stainless steel construction, which is smooth and gives it a professional chafer look. For that, you can bring the vibe of a restaurant by displaying food elegantly at home. The next feature that will draw your attention is its other essential buffet accessories.

You will see a 4″ deep water pan, two 2″ deep food pans, two fuel burners, one fuel holder, one lid, and one foldable frame. Like the other standard chafers, its water pan also allows even heat distribution across the bottom of food pans. And food pans keep multiple dishes warm for an extended period.

Along with them, the lid also plays a vital role in keeping foods warm. The fuel burners placed on the fuel holder tray produce heat that passes through the deep water pan. While all of these kitchen tools aid in warming food, the foldable frame holds them together.

It holds the water pan and food pans, and the fuel burners stay beneath those pans. That’s how this entire Sterno Chafing dish works. So, based on its features and working method, many caterers have kept this chafer on their top priority list. You may also give it a try if you want to benefit from something unique and elegant.

Key Features

4″ deep water pan
Stainless steel body
Two Fuel burners
Two food pans
Fuel holder

6. SUPER DEAL Stainless Steel Full-Size Chafer Dish

SUPER DEAL Stainless Steel Full-Size Chafer Dish
SUPER DEAL Stainless Steel Chafer Dish

The Super Deal Chafer Dish is a complete set with a water pan, food pan, frame, fuel burners, etc. It is a stylish chafer that keeps your food heated at the even serving temperatures. For that, numerous caterers have rated it as the best chafing dish set for serving meals beautifully at wedding banquets, parties, or any other gatherings.

The manufacturer of this chafer has given it an ergonomic design and made it large. Thus, it comes with ample 8-quart capacity and can accommodate a decent amount of various foods with the food pan’s help. You can serve appetizers, entrees, or side dishes in this excellent chafing dish.

While you are displaying meals on the food pan, the water pan keeps these foods warm for an extended period. It features a defined lid to protect the tabletop from messes and minimize spills. The most significant feature of the Super Deal Chafer Dish is that it allows you to use any other full-size food pan. That means you can place your favorite food pan for a customized setup.

If you take a look at the mechanism of how this chafer works, you will notice that all the pans, including food and water pans, are placed over two fuel burners. Those burners generate flames to heat the water pan, while the sturdy frame holds those pans together.

That means heat passes through the water pan and reach the food pan to keep it warm. Another tool that also aids in warming food is the lid. It retains heat and moisture. This lid can stay in an upright position when you want to open the cover for serving meals.

Lastly, you will be amazed to inspect this chafer’s construction and design. It is comprised of durable stainless steel that assures it will withstand everyday use. Besides sturdy steel, it has a mirror finish that reflects your venue’s lighting and represents itself as a piece of glamorous equipment. In summary, it is perfect for all occasions and can be your go-to buffet appliance.

Key Features

Full-size food pan
Deep water-pan
Sturdy frame
Fuel burners

7. Excelsteel Heavy Duty Professional Chafing Dish

Excelsteel Heavy Duty Professional Chafing Dish
Excelsteel Heavy Duty Chafing Dish

Excelsteel 4-Quart Heavy-Duty Chafing Dish is an ideal kitchen appliance for both professional and beginners. It is specially designed for serving a small group of people. That means it is suitable for home use. Let’s check out its features.

The chafer comes with a 4-quart food tray, which can accommodate a pretty decent amount of foods and satisfy the needs of small to medium-sized families. Plus, it contains an exterior water tray that keeps food warm for a longer time. This appliance includes a tempered lid that fits snugly on the food pan.

Besides keeping food hot, this lid allows you to watch foods, as well. The Excelsteel 4-Quart Heavy-Duty Chafing Dish features stay-cool handles that prevent your hand from burning while carrying the chafer safely. The most remarkable feature of this chafing dish is that it has a heavy-duty stand. It supports the water tray and the food pan.

This stand is connected to the lid, handles, and convertible burner. All of these accessories except the glass lid are crafted with stainless steel to ensure optimal durability. Hence, this chafing set has become an excellent addition for any cooking enthusiast, and you may also use it to keep appetizers or other foods ready to eat.

Key Features

Exterior water tray
4-quart food pot
Tempered glass lid
Convertible burner
Stand with handles

8. NUCU Artisan Stainless Steel Round Buffet Chafer

NUCU Artisan Stainless Steel Round Buffet Chafer
NUCU Artisan Round Buffet Chafer

When it is about maintaining proper food temperatures for the best cuisine, any chafing dish can hardly beat the Artisan Stainless Steel Round Buffet Chafer. It is a complete chafer set that can display food for a small group of people. It comes with a welded rack, cover, water pan, food pan, etc.

The best fact is that all of these tools come at a reasonable price. Let’s take an in-depth look at its features and how it works. As you see, it has a water tray and a food pan made with stainless steel for superior strength. They aren’t only durable, but also they can resist corrosion. The food pan has a 4-quart capacity, which means you can display food for potlucks, buffets, or other events.

The Artisan Stainless Steel Round Buffet Chafer includes a transparent lid. The cover also features a vent to release steam. This cover seals in heat and moisture and keeps food warm throughout the occasion. Another noticeable feature of the chafer is its fuel holder that measures 13 inches in diameter and 10.25 inches tall. Now, let’s discover how you can use it to warm food.

First, you need to place the heat source in the fuel holder. Then, you need to fill water in the lower pan. Finally, place foods in the upper pan and close it with the lid. It is that easy. Thus, you may try this chafer to serve small snacks for the family or big meals for birthday parties and more.

Key Features

Stainless steel construction
Food pan
Water tray
Fuel holders
Welded rack

9. Cuisinart 7BSR-28 Stainless Round Buffet Servers

Cuisinart 7BSR-28 Stainless Round Buffet Servers
Cuisinart 7BSR-28 Round Buffet Servers

The last chafer on the top ten chafing dishes list is the Cuisinart 7BSR-28 Stainless Steel Buffer Server. It comes with quite impressive features to notice. Chafer’s interior and exterior are made of 18/10 stainless steel for ultimate durability and performance.

Besides that, it features an encapsulated aluminum base that ensures quick and even heat distribution. The Cuisinart 7BSR chafer comes with two tea lights, which are placed beneath the lower pan. These work as the heat source for the chafing dish. This stainless steel chafing dish also contains a glass lid. It retains heat and moisture and lets you see the contents of the pan.

The best feature of this excellent chafer is that you can use it to prepare dishes in the oven and then transfer it directly to the warming stand. You can get such a benefit due to its construction. Its stainless steel can absorb heat as fast as you can move it from one place to another. Overall, it is an easy way to keep your favorite dishes warm while entertaining guests.

Key Features

18/10 stainless steel structure
11-inch round pan
Aluminum base
Two tea lights
Glass lid

The Ultimate Chafing Dish Buying Guide

The primary purpose of any chafing dish is to keep food warm for an extended period. Although all chafing dishes serve the same purpose, all aren’t equal in terms of their features.

Best Chafing Dish

That’s why it becomes a bit challenging to choose the best chafing dish. But by following some rules and checking features properly, anyone can easily get the right chafing dish. Here, we will reveal what to check before selecting the perfect chafer as per your needs in this buying guide.


Before choosing a chafing pan, you need to consider the type of event you will organize and the number of guests this pan will serve. That means, if you need a chafing dish to serve a large number of people, you need to choose a full-sized chafing dish. Usually, these types of chafing dishes range from 8-quarts up to 9-quarts.

On the contrary, you can go for a half-sized chafer for smaller events, which has 4-quarts capacity. You can even go lower and select a 2-quart chafing pan. It entirely depends on your kitchen needs.

Heat Source

The heat source is an essential feature of any chafing dish, and you need to check it cautiously before selecting one chafing dish. Generally, chafers come with a variety of heating styles.

You will see some chafing dishes that require electricity to keep food warm, while some other chafing pans need direct flames. If you have no problem with an open flame, you should have a standard fuel chafer as electric chafers come at a high price.


Material is another crucial feature of a chafing dish. Although all chafing dishes are made out of stainless steel, you need to check the steel’s quality before picking one chafer. You will find two types of stainless steel, and these are the 18/8 steel and 18/10 steel.

If you need a lightweight chafing dish, then you need to look for a chafer that is made from 18/8 stainless steel. For restaurant quality and heavy-duty use, you need to select the 18/10 stainless steel chafing dish.


While choosing your chafing dish, consider the cover type because it simplifies your serving process. You will find various kinds of lids, such as roll-top covers, hinged lid, glass lid, and more in the market. No matter which type you select, make sure that it can seals in moisture and heat appropriately.


The last feature of any chafing dish that you should consider is the design. Checking the design is essential as it adds beauty to the ambiance of your restaurant. So, suppose you like everything to be decorated and stylish in your buffet table.

In that case, we recommend you to look for a chafing dish that features mirror polish on its exterior or other finishes like satin, matte, etc. Also, you need to check the design of the handle and legs.


We all love events like birthday parties, weddings, etc. on such events, we tend to organize different kinds of dishes to serve our guests. And nobody wants their party to get ruined due to food that is served cold.

That’s why we use chafing dishes to keep food warm for hours. With this appliance’s help, we can display food elegantly and treat our guests with mouth-watering food items.

Although we use the chafing dish, most of us can’t get the best outcome. Instead of keeping food warm, some chafers become one of the reasons for burned and unhealthy food. Thus, expert caterers always use the best chafing dish, and they recommend others to use such chafers.

If you are aware of your event and want to serve guests warm meals, you should use the best chafer. Anyway, we hope that our review on the top ten chafing dishes can help you provide the necessary information and guide you to purchase your desired one.

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