The 10 Best Shabu Shabu Pot in 2023

Best Shabu Shabu Pot: Japan is well known for its innovations and unique culture. This land of the rising sun is enriched with culinary culture and age-old traditions. Besides, this country is also doing well in ever-changing advanced technology and science.

Shabu shabu is one of the cultural cuisines of Japan that blends Japanese culture and age-old traditions. In simple terms, it is a typical hot pot dish that is popular mostly among native Japanese.

It comprises veggies and thin slices of meat which are usually cooked in a large pot. This exceptional name comes from the sound that is produced while the meat is swirling in the soup.

Besides, the exceptional part of this meal is it will not serve as regular meals or soups. You will get all the ingredients as raw, and the server will also give a shabu shabu pot at the tableside.

You need to cook it at the table side during the meal. Although it is Japanese food, it has also been eaten in neighboring other Asian countries. Now, this delicious food becomes a typical meal for social gatherings.

Review of 10 Best Shabu Shabu Pot

However, if you want to enjoy this unique meal at your place rather than restaurants, you need to own the best shabu shabu pot for your home. But purchasing the right pot may look a little bit confusing to you.

Thereby, here we have compiled a list of the 10 best shabu shabu pot for your assistance. We hope this article will be helpful for you.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Shabu Shabu Pot

1. Sonya SYHS-30 Shabu Shabu Hot Pot
2. SPT SS-301 Shabu-Shabu & Multi-cooker
3. M.V. Trading MV3021 Shabu Shabu Hot Pot
4. Carote 5.8-Quart Shabu Shabu Pot
5. Cooklover Shabu Shabu Pot
6. Liven HG-301AY Shabu Shabu Hot Pot
7. LIVEN Electric Shabu Hot Pot
8. Deluxe 700290 Shabu Shabu Hot Pot
9. Serenita Shabu Shabu Hot Pot
10. MyLifeUNIT KT17CQ106 Shabu Shabu Pot

1. Sonya SYHS-30 Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Best Shabu Shabu Pot

Sonya SYHS-30 Shabu Shabu Hot Pot is now one of the demandable products in the market. This divider type’s hot pot has achieved the customer’s priority due to its removable feature and convenient use.

This electric hot pot has a faster heating capacity with more power, around 1500w. Its 5 L capacity and 5.3-quart format satisfy family needs in most ways. You can experience two different flavors simultaneously.

The pot provides anti-skid feet to help the pot sit evenly, and for safety, the pots are UL-approved. Its high-class divider with welding finished interval allows enjoying hotpot with divider.

Besides this its internal type divider let you enjoy two different type foods for 2-6 people. Moreover, its transparent glass lid lets you see the food. Again, the stainless steel hot pot can prevent your hand from high temperature.


Easy to clean
Ensures a healthy diet
5L large capacity
UL approved
Dishwasher safe

2. SPT SS-301 Shabu-Shabu & Multi-cooker

Best Shabu Shabu Pot

If you are looking for an energy-efficient electric cooking hot pot, then an SPT SS-301 Shabu-Shabu pot is the best option for you. Now you can enjoy making various kinds of dishes with this multi cooker.

This electric hot pot is an excellent stainless steel pot for home-usage. It has an adjustable temperature with a pilot light. Besides, its multi-function is for hot pot, grilling, steaming, and cooking. Its tempered glass lid will let you see the food.

The pot also provides a fast heating facility, and it is equipped with various accessories like stainless steel, glad lid, non-stick skillet, mesh trainer, steam-rack, and strainer support. However, these removable accessories are also easy to clean yet.


Easy to use
Easy to clean
Temperature control
Multi cooking facility

3. M.V. Trading MV3021 Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

M.V. Trading MV3021

If you are looking for a shabu pot with extraordinary quality, then M.V. Trading MV3021 Shabu Shabu Pot is the best product ever. You can use it in two different ways of hot pot and grill also.

This shabu Shabu pot builds with two switches offering the steamboat and the grill. The hot pot provides a powerful heating unit which is around 1400w.

Again the hot pot has a high tempered glass lid with which you can see the food clearly and can monitor easily. It also has a 4.2 L capacity. Besides, its anti-skid feet help to put the pots evenly.

The hot pot is dishwasher safe, mostly the removable part. Overall, you can enjoy the benefit of both hot pot and grill with this electric pot. Again, this hot pot is also effortless to clean yet.


Hot pot with BBQ Grill
4.2 L capacity
High power heating unit
Easy to clean
Dishwasher safe

4. Carote 5.8-Quart Shabu Shabu Pot

Carote 5.8-Quart

Carote cookwares are one of the best cookware on the market. They always offer the most excellent product, from the design to constriction for what you pay. Carote 5.8-Quart Shabu Shabu Pot provide double favor with divider.

The lid is made of glass, so it is easy to see the pot’s inside while cooking. This Shabu pot divider provides two flavors at the same time to satisfy people’s tastes and need.

It has an eco-friendly Granite coating, and this stone material comes from Switzerland. Besides this, the pot’s coating is PFOA-free. Its non-toxic interior is manufactured with cast aluminum which is sturdy and has extra durability.

The pot is suitable for all stoves, including induction and oven safe up to 350 degrees F. Another thing about this product is that the pot is deeper too, and it will not easily spill out food.


Suitable for all stove
Easy to clean
PFOA free
Oven Safe up to 350 degrees F

5. Cooklover Shabu Shabu Pot

Best Shabu Shabu Pot

The brand “cook lover” always offers the best shabu shabu pots of your choice. Now cooking, serving, preparing food will be enjoyable with this ceramic coating Shabu Shabu hot pot.

Cooklover’s shabu shabu pot comes with a heat resistance Bakelite knob and an elegant wood design. This non-stick cookware is a Silicone Lid induction hot pot with a divider of 11.8″.

The pot is 4.5 L which is quite a large size. Its interior and exterior are manufactured with a high-quality ceramic marble coating, making the pots and pans easy to cook. You can cook with little oil for a healthy diet with this cookware.

Besides this, the pot and pan have a very durable surface with a high-temperature resistant facility, and it is environmental-friendly also. Again the cookware has 100% PFOA-free durable coating so that no harmful fumes will get released.

This product also offers a sturdy reinforced Die-Casting Aluminum body which ensures quick and even heat distribution. During cooking, the 4.5mm thicken bottom gives a durable heat distribution and rapidly heating up, which will save your time and energy.

Its 2mm thick aluminum body’s appropriate weight ensures uniform heat distribution and temperature safety up to 450 degrees F. Moreover, the glass lid with a steam vent enables viewing food easily.

This hot pot with divider also offers heat-resistant and anti-slip ergonomic handles suitable for gas, induction, ceramic, and electric fuel cookers.


Safe temperature up to 450 degrees F
Saves energy and time
High quality and warranty
4.5 L capacity
100% PFOA free

6. Liven HG-301AY Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Best Shabu Shabu Pot

HG-301AY Shabu Shabu hot pot with divider is one of the famous cookware available in the market. This electric shabu shabu pot has a beautiful color combination of orange and 5L large capacity, which is suitable for 4-6 people. So it will be the best choice for families.

Liven HG-301AY shabu shabu pot is designed with a non-stick coating of cast aluminum material. This non-stick coating is relatively healthy and also super thick.

Its anti-hot handle of Bakelite can avoid scalding of the body. Again using the glass lid, you can see the food in the pot. It can help you keep an eye on your cooking by providing visual cues. Besides this, the pot has a removable power cord. Its heating unit is around 1600W and 120V.

This product will let you adjust the firepower whenever needed. So you can enjoy different tastes and cuisines. However, its large capacity and dual side help you to enjoy two different flavors of your family choice. This electric pot is safe to use also.


Super thick
Adjustable power
5L capacity
Easy to store
Safe to use

7. LIVEN Electric Shabu Hot Pot

1L LIVEN electric hot pot is a multi-function cookware. For those who think to cook different things in one cookware, this electric hot pot is the best option.

You can enjoy boiling egg, water, cooking noodles, and also the shabu shabu with it. No kitchen room or natural gas is need while cooking with this electric pot. It is a so-called travel pot. Its max capacity is about 1 Q or 1 L, and the minimum capacity is 0.3L.

Again its rated voltage is about 120V, and the rated power is 600W, so it is a rapid cooker, not a slower cooker. The inside layer of this pot is made of 304 stainless steel.

Besides this, the electric hot pot provides two speeds according to your ingredients, such as the high speed for boiling something quickly and the lower speed for cooking slowly. It is a rapid cooker.

You can also enjoy shabu shabu pot with it. So it’s a multi cooker as well. However, the electric pot has a tempered glass lid to see the food clearly and monitor the cooking whenever needed.


Rated power 600w
Rated voltage 120 v
Easy to use
1 L capacity

8. Deluxe 700290 Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Deluxe 700290

Deluxe Electric Shabu Shabu pot is one of the budget-friendly products on the market. This Mongolian hot pot cooker includes a non-stick divided pot also. This Deluxe Shabu Shabu hot pot provides a 12-inch diameter divider. It is a 1400 watt electrically divided hotpot that comes with a vented glass cover.

The cooker has a 4 L large capacity with 1400 watt heating power which heats up quickly and evenly. So the pot can adjust to high temperatures easily. Moreover, it is a die-cast aluminum-divided pot with a non-stick surface that will not leak from one side to another.

Bakelite feet with non-stick slip rubber pads and silicone-covered pot handles round out the cookware features. Other than this, the exceptional natural mineral coating that is highly graded offers a truly non-stick cooking experience. While the electric hot pot is safer than gas stovetops or burners, you should still treat it with care. Its cleaning process is easy also.


High-grade mineral coating
Adjustable with high heat
4 L capacity
Easy to clean
Dual handles

9. Serenita Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

Best Shabu Shabu Pot

The brand “Serenita” is very popular for the best Shabu Shabu pot in the market. This multi cooker pot provides Shabu shabu hot pot, BBQ hot pot, soup base hot pot, and hot pot with divider.

This Korean BBQ hot pot is made of food-grade stainless steel, and it also includes a pot of stainless steel. It’s an anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and high-strength air fryer pressure cooker.

This Serenita Shabu Shabu Pot is usable for the gas stove, electric ceramic stove, halogen furnace, induction cooker, and other stoves. So you can easily adjust this cooker with any stove you want. This divider is an S-type divider in the middle with scratches.

Again this stainless steel pot will not turn black yellow or rust if you use it properly. Besides this, the shabu pot is energy-saving and time-saving also, and it has extra durability as well. However, its cleaning process is very easy, and the pot is dishwasher safe yet.


Easy to clean
Extra durability
Energy saving

10. MyLifeUNIT KT17CQ106 Shabu Shabu Pot

Best Shabu Shabu Pot

MyLifeUNIT KT17CQ106 Shabu Shabu Pot is one of the budget-friendly hot pot with a divider. It is constructed with food-grade stainless steel. The shabu shabu pot is 12-inch/30 cm in diameter, and it comes with a tough but thick glass lid.

You can monitor the food clearly through this glass lid. Also, you can experience two different flavors simultaneously with this dual-sided divider. It is not easy to leak anything because of its high encryption spot welding procedure.

This Shabu shabu pot provides long food insulation with the non-sticky and fast heat conduction feature. Its first-class handle with rubber covered will prevent you from scalding.

Moreover, this pot is safe to use on the gas stove, induction cooker, and ceramic hob. Overall, this pot is suitable for family parties and restaurant usage.


Extra durability
Easy to clean
Not easy to leak
Rubber covered handle

The Ultimate Shabu-Shabu Pot Buying Guide – What to Look Before Buying

Shabu shabu is a popular hot pot dish, but to cook at home, you need to use a shabu shabu pot in which you will be able to cook the dish like a restaurant. All you need is proper ingredients and a shabu shabu pot.

To buy the best shabu shabu pot from the market, you should know about some points. So some topics are given below which will help you to buy the shabu shabu pot you needed.


At first, you have to look at the Shabu Shabu Pot’s size because there are various sizes. As we know, the larger, the better, but in this situation, it would be better if you choose the right size pot.

Because we know, if you are not living with a large group of people, you should buy a smaller size, it would be suitable for you, and you will be able to cook dishes easily.


As shabu shabu pot is a cooking pot, it comes in various materials according to kitchen needs, and each material has a benefit. Therefore, you can buy the best one according to your choice.

Cast Iron and Ceramic:

As we know, iron is a heavy metal; for that, It takes a longer time to become properly hot. It is one kind of benefit because it also takes more time to be cool, so your food will also remain hot for a long time.

Again these materials have made the pot more durable and robust. So on the site of durability, it will show a marvelous result. While taking care of ceramic and cast iron pot, it will prove more durability than others, and it is easy to clean, and if you can make sure that it is free of cadmium and lead, you won’t have meals leaching toxic chemicals in your food. But one of its cons is it’s heavier than others.

Steel and Aluminum:

As we all know, steel and aluminum are lite weight and thin. Due to its materials behavior, it takes less time to heat and also cool down easily.

So you have to keep in the heat to keep it hot for more time. It is also robust, so you can use it without worrying. Again one of its con is it cool down in less time. And its good side is you can even throw it on your dishwasher.


Based on its material, its maintenance can be different. If it’s made of cast iron and ceramics, it would be better if you wash it by hand rather than a dishwasher. But you can also wash steel and aluminum-made pots in the dishwasher. Like this, as mentioned above, you have to look at its good and bad side and buy one that will be perfect for you.

What Foods are needed for Shabu-Shabu?

The canonical shabu-shabu is made with beef, tofu, nori seaweed, and chrysanthemum leaves. You can sometimes find similar products with difficulty with us, so I suggest taking what is at hand. 

After all, globalism has long come to the kitchen, and the boundaries of national cuisines are being erased, so I consider it possible to take the Asian idea and apply it to the products available in our region. 


For example, shabu-shabu went champignons, baby corn, leeks, romaine lettuce, carrots, Japanese enoki mushrooms, and beef. Any meat will do – from lamb to duck, fish or seafood, salmon to crab. 

The only requirement is high freshness. The more premium the meat, the better. The meat product must be cut a la carpaccio – as thin as possible. For this, it is better to freeze the meat a little.

The essence and charm of shabu-shabu are that the product remains al dente, slightly damp inside, but seized by boiling broth on the outside. Vegetarian option with different mushrooms – but if it is white or other noble varieties, you need to boil for about ten minutes. Vegetables – from potatoes with turnips to asparagus with fennel, greens – the same, even put cilantro, even mint. 

In vegetables, as well as in meat, the fineness of the cut is essential. You can put noodles in the broth – glass, buckwheat, any, but boil it a little longer than vegetables.

How to Cook Shabu-Shabu?

I use an ordinary fondue maker, heated from below with a gas burner. In principle, even a portable stove will do. Pour the finished broth inside the container – vegetable broth from any vegetables: stalks or celery root, carrots, turnips, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, and so on, whoever loves what. 


As it boils, we begin to lower the thinly sliced ​​ingredients, each of which will emit something like “shabu-shabu” – hence the name. Determine the readiness of the meat by the color – as it darkens, you can eat.

What Sauces Do You Recommend for Beef Shabu-shabu?

I made two Japanese sauces: ponzu with soy and Goma with sunflower seeds. It’s all about the contrast of tastes and textures. Ponzu with soy sauce is sour-salty. It contains soy sauce, fresh lime juice, a drop of orange juice, and white wine vinegar. 

The seed-based sauce is thick and sweet. It contains sunflower seeds calcined in a dry frying pan and ground in a blender. The original Goma sauce is made from sesame seeds. This slightly increases the price of the sauce. With pine nuts, it will be even more expensive. 

The sauce is usually poured into individual bowls. Everyone catches a piece they like from the common cauldron, dips it into the sauce, and eats it.

Can You Cook Shabu-shabu in Nature?


A great alternative to barbecue! It is only necessary to prepare sauces and broth in advance. It is also more convenient to cook all the cuts at home. You have to make a fire, hoist a pot or other container over it, and then see the instructions above. The main thing is to first take care of the sticks or fondue forks with two prongs.

Final Verdict

Now we are at the end of this article. We hope you have enjoyed this article and also get some essential information regarding the best shabu-shabu pot.

So, before making any purchase on shabu shabu pot, we recommend considering this article. We hope you will make an informed decision on this purchase. Wish you best of luck.

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