The 10 Best Crepe Pan in 2024

The Best Crepe Pan: Crepe is an iconic dish and very popular in many countries, including the United States of America, as French food. It is handy and versatile as you can make it fancy or plain.

You can prepare this thin cake with anything that you would like. That means you can add vegetables and eggs and have the crepe at breakfast. You can also make it a fancy dessert by adding Nutella or sugar. Besides other food ingredients, the crepe requires the best crepe pan to be made correctly.

No matter how you make the crepe, it will always provide nutrition and energy for your body. Although this food item contains healthy nutrients, most people can’t get the benefits of having it as they can’t prepare it appropriately.

If you use traditional pans to prepare this item, you may not get your desired pancake, and even you may have the burned one.

Best Crepe Pan

So, to avoid such incidents, you should use the right crepe pan, and experts also recommend users to use such pans to make better crepes.

If you are aware of making crepes better and want to use the best pans, you may read through this article. Because, below, we have listed some highest quality crepe pans that will help you make perfect crepes every time.

Quick Answer – Top 10 Best Crepe Pan

1. Lodge 17L9OG3 Griddle Cast Iron
2. Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan
3. Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Crepe Pan
4. De Buyer 9.5-Inches Rim to Rim Crepe Pan
5. Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Heavy Gauge Crepe Pan
6. Norpro 700 Nonstick Breakfast Crepe Pan
7. Victoria GDL-182 Cast Iron Pizza Crepe Pan
8. Mauviel M’ steel Black Steel Crepe Pan
9. Le Creuset L2036-2767 Enameled Cast Iron Crepe Pan
10. Granite Scratch-Resistant Crepe Pan

1. Lodge 17L9OG3 Griddle Cast Iron

Best Crepe Pan

The Lodge 17L9OG3 Griddle Cast Iron is a multifunctional kitchen utensil. It will work with all your favorite foods. From roasted veggies to grilled sandwiches, it helps you make all the delicacies comfortably.

The cookware piece consists of heavy-duty cast iron. It guarantees that this pan will last for an extended period. It can retain heat well so you can sear meat or other foods at higher temperatures. Besides the body, its handle is built from cast-iron. When it gets hot, it won’t break and take the heat of a hot oven.

As the handle is pretty short in size, it fits in the oven or on the grill easily. The Lodge cast-iron pan features a helper handle located on the other sides. It makes lifting the skillet easier. Both handles contain two spots that will be helpful when you need to hang the pan.

The Lodge 17L9OG3 pan comes pre-seasoned, which means you can use it right after unboxing. The significant feature of the cookware is it builds up a patina when you use it, and with time, it gets better. Overall, it is an ideal crepe pan that you can use to cook nearly everything you want.

Key Features

Cast-iron structure
Ergonomic handle
Helper handle
Pre-seasoned surface
Oven safe

2. Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan

Best Crepe Pan

Cuisinart is a renowned brand that makes high-quality kitchen equipment. This brand always offers something exciting for chefs by introducing a new variety of specialty pieces of kitchen equipment. One such stuff is the Cuisinart 623-24 Chef’s Classic Nonstick Crepe Pan.

It features a hard-anodized exterior, which is dense, non-porous, and resistant to wear. As a result, the crepe pan becomes highly durable and offers professional performance. Like the exterior, its interior is sturdy, as well.

Cuisinart has named it Quantanium interior because it has a patented nonstick surface, which is reinforced with titanium. It allows fat-free cooking and offers easy cleaning. The Cuisinart 623-24 Crepe Pan comes with stainless steel handles that are riveted.

These handles remain cool on the stovetop and provide a safe as well as a secure grip. This crepe pan also features tapered rim for drip-free pouring. In conclusion, it allows you to make delicacies perfectly every time you cook.

Key Features

Hard anodized exterior
Patented nonstick surface
Quantanium interior
Oven safe to 500 F
Tapered rim

3. Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Pan

Best Crepe Pan

The Cuisinart FCT23-24NS French Classic Crepe Pan includes excellent quality features that can draw your attention. For its features, many chefs have recommended it to others, especially those who are new to cooking. Not only that, but they have also rated it as the best crepe pan of recent times.

The Cuisinart Crepe Pan is manufactured from professional tri-ply stainless steel. Engineers have used three layers of two different materials, which are aluminum and steel. As a consequence, this crepe pan becomes rugged and highly durable. Plus, it ensures professional cooking performance.

Along with the tri-ply structure, the manufacturer of the pan uses Heat Surround™ Technology, which allows even heat distribution. The Cuisinart FCT23-24NS Crepe Pan comes with stay-cool handles that are also made of stainless steel and are riveted. They offer a secure and comfortable grip.

The dimension of the pan is 3.25″ H x 10″ W x 18″ D, and its weight is around 2.6-pound only. Thus, it is convenient to maneuver in the kitchen. In summary, it has all the features that you need to make crepes and pancakes correctly. So, you may give it a try.

Key Features

Tri-ply stainless steel
High-polished exterior
Stay-cool stainless handles
Lifetime warranty
Dishwasher Safe

4. De Buyer 9.5-Inches Rim to Rim Crepe Pan

Best Crepe Pan

De Buyer’s Crepe Pan comes with top-quality features. It offers an excellent cooking surface for delicate crepes. The crepe pan is built from blue steel, which assures optimum longevity. Plus, it ensures the natural seasoning of the pan. This pan builds up a natural patina with use over time and aids in quick food release.

This Crepe Pan is specially designed with a handle that aids in swirling the batter correctly. As it comes with the 8-inch cooking surface, shallow depth, and flared sides, it allows you to flip and plate perfectly thin, crisp, and delicate crepes every time.

It gives you relief from the tension that your pancakes may get broken apart while flipping them. All these make it excellent cookware for professional-grade cooking at home. Overall, you may use it and cook for your family and friends, or you may gift this fantastic crepe pan to your beloved one.

Key Features

Blue steel structure
8-inch cooking surface
Ergonomic handle
9.5-inch rim to rim
Dishwasher Safe

5. Cook N Home 10.25-Inch Heavy Gauge Pan

Best Crepe Pan

The Cook N Home 10.25 Crepe Pan makes preparing pancakes more comfortable. It is a high-quality kitchen utensil that many professional chefs use for cooking delicious dishes. Let’s check why it is so preferable by most kitchen gourmets.

First, you will notice that it has a finely polished body, and this body is comprised of thick gauge aluminum. For that, it allows even heat conduction for browning. The most noticeable feature of this pan is that it prevents hot spots as it comes with a nonstick coating.

Besides preventing hot spots, it makes flipping food items easy. Plus, it ensures effortless food release and easy cleaning. The pan contains a soft-touch handle, which stays cool and provides a comfortable grip. The handle includes a hole for hanging.

The measurement of the pan is 18″ H x 8.5″ W x 10.25″ D, and it weighs around 1.5lbs. This fantastic crepe pan works on almost all cooktops, including gas, electric, halogen, etc. In summary, it comes with all the essential features, which makes it an ideal go-to kitchen tool.

Key Features

Thick gauge aluminum construction
Nonstick coating
Soft-touch handle
Hanging hole
18” H x 8.5” W x 10.25” D dimension

6. Norpro 700 Nonstick Breakfast Crepe Pan

Best Crepe Pan

Norpro 700 Nonstick Crepe Pan contains excellent features that make your baking more efficient. With the help of this pan, you can bake savory and even sweet. So, let’s take a look at what features it includes.

The Totrilla Pan is made out of carbon steel, and it contains a nonstick coating, which heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. The dimension of the pan is 23.5 cm, and it allows you to make 8-inch crepes conveniently. Another significant feature of the pan is that it features sloped sides, which are optimal for crepe making.

They ensure that you can move, flip, or even toss your crepe easily. Like the other standard crepe pans, this one also came with an ergonomic handle, which is riveted to the pan. Thus, you can handle the crepe pan comfortably.

This handle also features a hole for hanging. Lastly, this pan is easy to clean; pan liquid and hand are enough to wash this crepe pan. Overall, this multifunctional pan can help you make crepes, omelets, pancakes, tortillas, and more.

Key Features

Carbon steel structure
23.5cm dimension
Riveted handle
Nonstick coating
8-inch cooking surface

7. Victoria GDL-182 Cast Iron Pizza Crepe Pan

Best Crepe Pan

The Victoria GDL-182 crepe pan is praised by chefs and professional testers for its top-notch features. Even they have rated it as the best crepe pan available in the market today. Let’s get straight into its elements.

The Crepe pan is constructed from high-quality cast-iron that assures ultimate durability and performance. It retains heat quickly and evenly so that you can prepare crepes to perfection. This 15″ crepe pan comes in pre-seasoned; the manufacturer uses 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil to season the pan, which gets better with time.

Again, engineers have given this pan a large round structure, and they design it with a loop handle for better leverage and easier handling. The most remarkable feature of this high-quality crepe pan is that it works in all kitchens, including gas, electric, induction, oven, camping, grill, etc. In conclusion, you can use this Victoria GDL-182 crepe pan to make your favorite delicacies.

Key Features

Cast-iron construction
15-inch large pan
Loop handle
Flaxseed pre-seasoned
Lifetime warranty

8. Mauviel M’ steel Black Steel Pan

Best Crepe Pan

Mauviel is a renowned brand, and it always produces high-quality kitchen equipment. One such kitchen item is the M’ steel Black Steel Crepe Pan. This pan is manufactured from thick black steel, which assures that it will last for an extended period.

The crepe pan can conduct extreme heat that makes it ideal for browning veggies and cooking raw meat. Like other standard cookware, it features a handle that is made out of steel and is riveted to the pan. It offers a more secure and safe grip while cooking. Another noticeable feature of the crepe pan is it has beeswax coating.

It prevents the pan from rusting. The manufacturer recommends that users clean the pan with hot water and use a paper towel to wipe before first use. By doing so, you can remove any wax residue that can hamper your cooking.

After washing with hot water, you need to season the pan with cooking oil as it will help the pan acquire a natural nonstick property. Cleaning the pan is easier because you don’t need any dishwasher to clean it. Overall, it is a decent crepe pan that you may choose for regular cooking.

Key Features

Thick carbon steel
Riveted large handle
Beeswax surface
9.5-inch pan
Induction safe

9. Le Creuset L2036-2767 Enameled Cast Iron Pan

Best Crepe Pan

Le Creuset is praised for presenting high-quality kitchen equipment. This brand never fails to impress its consumers with its stuff that you will know after inspecting the features of the Le Creuset L2036-2767 Crepe Pan. It contains all the essential elements and is considered as the best crepe pan. So, let’s take a look at what it includes.

This excellent crepe pan is comprised of enameled cast iron that assures optimum longevity, and with that, it ensures even heat distribution. It contains a bold enameled and a black satin interior. For featuring such an interior, you don’t need to season the pan before cooking.

That means you can prepare traditional crepes and pancakes without seasoning your pan. Its smooth surface helps batter spread thinly and lets you flip the batter conveniently. When it is about perfect flipping, this pan offers you a handle, which is ergonomically angled. It allows you to maneuver the crepe pan easily while providing a more secure grip.

Alongside these features, this Le Creuset L2036-2767 Crepe Pan comes with a shallow rim that helps make perfectly round crepes every time. Also, it features a wooden spreader, which you will find convenient while spreading your batter. In conclusion, by using this crepe pan, you can make the best crepes for your family and friends.

Key Features

Bold enamel exterior
Satin black enamel interior
An angled handle
Shallow rim
Oven safe

10. Granite Scratch-Resistant Crepe Pan

Best Crepe Pan

The Granite Crepe Pan makes your cooking task more comfortable by providing excellent quality features. It gives you relief from struggling while preparing delicious crepes. The crepe pan consists of aluminum, which offers a lighter and more precise design for energy-efficient cooking.

As you know, aluminum can conduct decent heat, so, this crepe pan will distribute heat evenly and lets you make crepe to perfection. The pan features a superior QuanTanium coating, which is, in essence, a blend of titanium and silicone particles.

The manufacturer combines three layers of these materials to make its coating. As a result, the crepe pan becomes more durable and reliable than other cookware. Besides that, it becomes food-grade safe, scratch-resistant, and metal utensil safe, as well.

Another noticeable feature of the pan is that it includes a handle that offers a more comfortable grip and ensures secure handling. Lastly, it comes with a recipe E-Book, which is full of delicious recipes. Overall, if you plan to cook delicious meals without being deflated, you need to try this crepe pan.

Key Features

Forged Aluminum
QuanTanium coating
PFOA, Lead and Cadmium Free
Ergonomic handle
Dishwasher Safe

Buying Guide

Now, you are familiar with some of the highest crepe pans available in the market today. One of these products might have caught your attention, and you may want to purchase it. But before you choose the best crepe pan, we recommend you to consider a few factors. So, let’s read these facts first for selecting the right one.

Size and Weight

Generally, crepe pans come in diameters that range from 8 inches to 11 inches. You need to choose the size as per your needs. The weight of the crepe pan is also an essential factor that you should consider. If you have a lighter crepe pan, then it will be easy to lift it. But make sure that your crepe pan isn’t too light as it won’t sit stably on the stove.


The material of your pan is an essential feature that you need to inspect before purchasing. First, you should check the exterior material as it contributes to longevity. Usually, most crepe pans contain aluminum on the outer section because it enables uniform distribution of heat. The drawback of the aluminum exterior is it can’t endure extreme heat. But an enamel-coated cast-iron crepe pan can tolerate such a temperature, and you may choose it if you want to use it over high heat.

Like the exterior, you need to check the material of the interior, as well. As you know, to make the best crepes, your pan should include excellent non-sticky property. It should be convenient enough to slide pancakes easily. Anyway, we recommend you to choose high-quality material such as Quantanium. It is a blend of titanium and aluminum, which is resistant to abrasions and PFOA, Lead as well as Cadmium free.

After checking the interior and exterior, it is time to inspect the material of the handle. You need to make sure that the handle stays cool while cooking and offers a more comfortable grip.


The design of your pan is also a crucial feature that you should check before purchasing. Usually, crepe pans have quite distinct designs than other traditional frying pans. Instead of featuring depth rims, they contain shallow sides with a flat inner surface. It enables you to prepare crepes as much as thin as you want it to be. After checking this feature, you also need to ensure that the sides of the pan need to be sloping as it lets you flip your crepes conveniently.


Preparing perfect crepes requires a recipe, excellent cooking ingredients, plus the appropriate tools. An excellent nonstick crepe pan is an absolute essential when it is about the right kitchen tools for making crepes. And all pancake aficionados wish to go for the best crepe pan to make delicious crepes correctly.

Before opting for one pan, they inspect all the essential features of the crepe pan, including the shallow lip for better flipping, the handle, the flat metal base for quick heat distribution, etc. And you need to follow the same rule while purchasing the right one. Otherwise, you may end up buying a faulty one.

However, all the above-listed crepe pans are best in quality, and they deliver high performance. Undoubtedly, these pans will help you make the best crepes that you want to cook and serve your family. We hope that you choose one from the list of the top ten crepe pans and continue preparing delicacies.

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