6 Reasons to Have an Immersion Blender

Reasons to Have an Immersion Blender: Learn why the immersion blender will be your ally in the kitchen. The great technological advances have allowed us to make household tasks much more practical and agile, with large appliances being allies in cooking. In these functional basics, we find immersion blenders, a tool you have probably seen on a cooking reality show where experts and beginners use this incredible instrument.

Reasons to Have an Immersion Blender

Although there is a universal and traditional version of the blender that fulfills the same function of processing food, we will tell you how this new version differs and why it will make everything easier for you, allowing you to solve various culinary tasks. 

What is an Immersion Blender?

Also called a hand blender, it is a versatile utensil with an elongated and simple design. At its tip, it has an internal structure with short stainless steel blades, while at the other end, from where it is gripped, it has the handle and the speed power and power buttons (depending on the features of some models). 

This popular kitchen utensil is used to quickly and evenly beat, blend and mix different foods creating delicious recipes for soups, sauces, purées, and smoothies, among others.  

How is It Different From a Traditional Blender? 

The main difference between both models is that in the traditional one, the ingredients must be added to the blender glass to be able to be processed. In contrast, the hand blender is submerged directly into the container with the liquid or where the food is, regardless of the temperature.  

6 Reasons to Have an Immersion Blender 

Suppose you are already considering buying a blender but need to decide which one to decide on. Below, we will explain why you should have an immersion blender in your kitchen. 

1. You Don’t Need to Be an Expert

The main advantage that an immersion blender has is ease of use. We can all have one and learn how to use it quickly without being confused among so many buttons and functions. The design of this tool generally has a single button that is an on and off button. So you will be confident about how to manipulate and use it.  

2. Quantity is no longer a problem

In a traditional blender, you must add what you need to process in the special glass or container, where you will be conditioned by the capacity it has, so if there are large quantities, you may have to blend in small batches to adapt to the large quantities that you have, while with the immersion blender you can do it directly in the pot, bowl, jug or in the container where the food is.  

3. Impeccable kitchens without dirtying so much

By the way, it works by immersing itself in containers of liquid. It allows two wonderful things to happen. First, we avoid annoying splashes on the kitchen counter or walls by thoroughly engaging the blades inside the pots or containers. On the other hand, the second advantage is that we reduce the use of other kitchen utensils, such as cutting boards, knives, or other containers, since their size and portability allow the ingredients to be processed in the same pot or bowl without the need to cut them. 

4. It is perfect for small kitchens

One of the big headaches for those who love to cook and have a kitchen equipped with tools that do work easier is space. Typically appliances are large and take up a lot of space. Still, the immersion blender, thanks to its straightforward design, allows it to be stored in drawers or cabinets without compromising the space capacity of the kitchen.  

5. Cleaning 

Being a one-piece instrument and having the advantage of being submerged in any container allows us to wash fewer items. 

6. No noise 

We all recognize the characteristic noise of the blender that can be heard from one house to another, as it is considered a serious, loud, and sometimes annoying sound, especially now with the new work dynamics at home where meetings have been abruptly interrupted. Virtual. The great advantage of the immersion blender is that they do not make as much noise as a traditional one, so it can be turned on without fear of the whole building finding out about the appliance you are using.    

How to Use an Immersion Blender? 

You don’t need to be an expert to be able to use an immersion blender. We can all use it for any preparation.  

  1. To use it, plug in the immersion blender and place your hands on the opposite end of the blades, close to the power buttons. 
  2. Insert the blender into the bottom of the container with the food, and when it is fully submerged, press and hold the power button. Please do not put the blender into the liquid, as it can splash and cause disasters in the kitchen.  
  3. As you process the food in the bowl, move the blender through the mixture so that the ingredients blend evenly. 
  4. Release the power button when the mixture has reached the state you want.  


Immersion blenders have been gaining popularity in recent years for good reasons. These devices are robust, reliable, and convenient, but they offer various applications, from blending soups to pureeing vegetables and even making smoothies. 

In addition, immersion blenders are much easier to clean and store than traditional countertop blenders. It makes them extremely popular for those who only have a little counter space or like to keep a tidy kitchen.