What Should You Bring to a BBQ? – A Quick List

What Should You Bring to a BBQ? Barbecue parties have become widespread in the United States of America and have become a universal national holiday pastime there. Americans make a barbecue for any occasion, and barbecue parties, with the invitation of guests and drinks, are timed to coincide with solemn dates and days.

What Is a Barbecue Party, and How Does It Work?

What Should You Bring to a BBQ

Holding a holiday in this format is still in high demand. And you can understand – what could be better than dishes cooked on an open fire under the dome of the sky? Have you noticed that any food on the street becomes tastier?

 Barbecue – “Barbacoa” The original sense was ‘wooden framework for sleeping on or storing meat or fish to be dried.’ It is the name of a dish (usually from meat) cooked in the open air and on an open fire. 

There are several hundred recipes for such dishes. Usually, these are classic options. Barbecue party snacks of marinated and char-grilled beef and pork are popular, but there are also recipes for cooking from:

  • Vegetables and fruits (corn, potatoes, zucchini, pineapples and even peaches with plums are used).
  • Seafood (shrimp, mussels, squid and octopus, scallops).
  • White and red fish (salmon, pink salmon, sturgeon fish).

There are also more exotic options with complex and very complex recipes. The usual number of dishes at such an event is from three to four or more so that guests can choose something to their liking. Vegetarian vegetable dishes are now almost mandatory on any holiday table, and even barbecue is now no exception.

Drinks on the menu for a grill party are matched to dishes. It can be both alcoholic (cognacs, wines, craft beers) and non-alcoholic options (juices, fruit drinks, lemonade, grain coffee and loose tea). A table with them is usually placed separately. You may see some great grill mats on the market we reviewed earlier.

Barbecue catering is usually scheduled in the afternoon, and with the proper scope, the event can continue until the beginning of the next day. Guests are treated to dishes cooked on an open fire, have fun and enjoy the cultural program. If necessary, they rest and again treat themselves to gastronomic delicacies cooked on the grill, and when it gets dark, dances under the stars are arranged for them.

What Should You Bring to a BBQ Party?

It is worth visiting a barbecue once, and the reason for their popularity across the ocean becomes clear. Not every traditional banquet can give as many positive emotions as a barbecue-style party. So, what should you bring to a BBQ Party?

For Barbecue

It is essential not only to marinate the meat correctly but also to fry it well. Barbecue, firewood, coals, ignition – all this is long and dreary, especially in windy and damp weather. Or do you still have no barbecue at all? If you are one of those lucky ones whose summer cottage has electricity, take a closer look at this valuable and functional technique.

1. Electric grill

It will allow you to cook meat, vegetables or even shawarma quickly. No dancing with a tambourine over coals and a fire: they plugged it into an outlet, chose the right temperature and actually, that’s it. It remains only to watch how the meat sizzles, mushrooms or vegetables brown.

Thanks to the power of the 2000 W electric grill, everything is prepared very quickly. The main thing is to check whether the country wiring will withstand. The non-stick coating allows you to get the perfect “Maillard grid” in minutes (with little to no additional oil). You may see our previous entry on Best Cast Iron Grill Pan.

Cleaning the grill after frying is also not a big problem: use the included scraper blade and clean the removable grease containers.

2. Outdoor Electric grill

It is the most advanced model for sophisticated “country” gourmets. It can be used as a contact grill and an open frying surface. It means that you can not limit yourself to a banal steak or barbecue, but cook, for example, lasagna or a casserole – there is just enough space between the panels to install a small baking sheet.

The temperature on each panel can be adjusted individually, which is very convenient – vegetables and meat will cook simultaneously and will not cool down waiting for each other. Afraid not to keep track of the meat – and this happens in a fun company – use the timer. And yes, as in the case of the previous model, you can cook without oil – nothing will burn and will not float in fat. See what is the difference between Griddle and Grill.

For Drinks and Perishable Foods

With what should be warm, figure it out. But what about what should be cold? We are now talking about drinks, vegetable salads, cold cuts, etc. Cooler bags will help keep everything fresh and at a pleasant temperature.

1. Car refrigerator

A full-fledged refrigerator is an unnecessary luxury for a summer residence, especially if you come here by car from time to time. Bring meat or cool drinks. It can work from a car cigarette lighter or an outlet – through an adapter and an adapter (again, if you have electricity in your country house).

The compactness makes the refrigerator quite roomy – 16 litres in volume. It can maintain the internal temperature 18° lower than the ambient temperature in cooling mode. The lid is securely fixed with latches when closed. There is a carrying handle.

2. Isothermal container

It is a simple option but more convenient and roomy for a BBQ Party. Thanks to the multi-layered fabric and the heat-insulating layer, it can maintain a constant temperature of the products for 8-9 hours.  Remember that the bag does not cool but only maintains the temperature.

Therefore, drinks and meat should be put here cold, and sandwiches and pizza for grill should be hot. And in the latter case, of course, without batteries.

It is very convenient to fold an empty bag by removing a dense bottom from it – it does not take up much space.

You must admit that the design is thought out very carefully: a lot of side pockets for cutlery, napkins and other small things, a Velcro quick access valve, and a shoulder strap for carrying.

The bag is made of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain PVC, aldehydes and other potentially hazardous chemical compounds. Therefore, you can store products in it even without additional packaging. Cold accumulators are the same. They are made of dense tear-resistant material and are resistant to leakage.

For Serving

Of course, in the country, everyone has a lot of old plates, saucepans, basins and glasses. But you want regular, comfortable dishes. Well, really, why not marinate meat in an old enamelled bucket? And if you are not going to the country, but just for a picnic, then it is better to stock up on everything you need in advance.

1. Food container

It is a simple and functional container which is suitable for anything. If you want, marinate meat; if you wish, store vegetables and fruits, or if you want, fill it to the brim with sandwiches, pancakes or boiled potatoes. Durable food-grade plastic will withstand anything. The container is easy to wash and is suitable for microwaves and refrigerators. The lid closes tightly and is equipped with reliable latches that will not allow it to accidentally open – so you can be calm about the products.

2. Container set

If 10 litres is too much for you, you can pick up something more compact but no less functional. A Fresh Rectangular Container Set is perfect for vegetables and salads. Thanks to hermetic seals and reliable latches, the containers are suitable even for the long-term storage of products. Plastic is not afraid of cold and is ideal for a microwave oven. In general, for a nature picnic, a trip to the country, or lunch at work.

3. Set of kitchen knives with a whetstone

In real life, dull knives can ruin an entire picnic. A set of chef’s, utility and vegetable knives will cover all the needs for a picnic: cut meat and sausage and peel vegetables and fruits. Rubberized grips prevent slipping and reduce the risk of injury. If the knives begin to cut worse, they should use the whetstone with the kit.

4. Cutting board

Cutting vegetables for salads and making cheese and meat plates is better not on hemp or newspaper but on cutting boards. The set includes three boards of different sizes and a stand where you can conveniently store boards. Thanks to the sides, the juice will remain on the board, and the boards can be used as trays or plates.

5. Vegetable peeler

If you cook pilaf, fish soup, etc., in nature, it will be more convenient to peel potatoes and carrots using a vegetable peeler. The gadget, as they say, is small and remote. Also suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

6. Spice grinders

One of the best memories from childhood about trains to nature is salt in a matchbox and a salt shaker made from a plastic egg from Kinder Surprise. But today, it is unlikely that such a “cottage romance will tempt anyone else.” But Electric mills are a pretty convenient and functional option. Compact, battery-powered, made of steel and equipped with built-in light, they make it easy to grind salt, spices or herbs with the touch of a button. Feel free to feel lazy.

7. Corkscrew and bottle opener

And one more little thing that many people forget about. It’s about a corkscrew or a bottle opener. Even if you don’t need a corkscrew, you might need a bottle opener – there’s no need to use a lighter, keys, a table corner, or, for goodness sake, your teeth.

Hygiene Products

For barbecue in nature to be exclusively beneficial, it is essential to keep the dishes and hands clean. Therefore, do not forget about hygiene products.

1. Soap dispenser

Liquid soap will be an excellent help at home, but it is especially relevant for a large company relaxing in nature. It has an infrared sensor, so you don’t have to press anywhere. Just raise your hands, and the device dispenses liquid soap – in standard or economy mode.

2. Sterilizers for knives and boards

After washing your hands clean, do not forget about cutlery. A knife sterilizer will help you. Place forks, spoons, knives and scissors into the slots and turn on the appliance. Ultraviolet rays can easily cope with any bacteria. It is recommended to sterilize devices before and after contact with raw meat, vegetables, and mushrooms. Remember that this device takes about 40 minutes – in such a case, it is better to overdo it.

An alternative to the previous model will be the Sterilizer for knives and cutting boards, which already comes with four plastic boards and four knives – for all occasions. Accordingly, the gadget itself “knows how” to disinfect cutlery and cutting boards.

3. Napkins

If you are planning a picnic, don’t forget the microfiber cloths. A set of two universal napkins will solve any task: from wiping hands and dishes to washing windows or cars (well, you never know what you want to do in the country, except for barbecue). The particular structure of the fabric allows it to absorb and retain moisture well. At the same time, no lint, streaks or dirt remains on the surface.

For Entertainment

1. Trampoline

The Jump frame trampoline is more than an exciting thing with its compact size. When disassembled, it does not take up much space. And it takes no more than 10 minutes to assemble and install. He will captivate children for a long time. For safety, the trampoline is equipped with a unique handle that the child can hold on to while jumping. Just don’t let adults in here, even miniature ones.

2. Remote-controlled helicopter or Drone

While the little ones are jumping, older children can be given a radio-controlled helicopter, bright, excellent, and powered by AA batteries. Durable plastic will withstand even falls and collisions. Just don’t do it on purpose – you can break anything.

3. Wireless speaker and projector

Even if, according to the old tradition of bard festivals, you are used to going outdoors with a guitar, the wireless speaker will not be superfluous on your holiday. With a small and compact size, it sounds loud, powerful, and wealthy – after all, 20 watts. The built-in battery lasts up to 12 hours when fully charged. If you have several of these speakers, you can combine them into a system (the connection is via Bluetooth – no wires).

Can you imagine what kind of open-air movie show you can organize if you also take a Mini projector with a screen with you?

4. Board games for the company

What else to do in a fun and noisy company? Play board games. And you can start with a universal minimum set.

How to Choose the Right Area for a Barbecue or BBQ?

How to Choose the Right Area for a Barbecue

If the barbecue or barbecue area is not located in a part of the building, but somewhere on the street, then you need to carefully select a suitable place for it, which should be:

1. Fireproof

It is better to install the brazier as far as possible from flammable objects: a residential building or outbuildings made of, for example, wood or lumber.

2. Weatherproof

A light wind will not prevent the fire from flaring up well, but a robust gusty wind can put out the flame. Therefore, it is better to have a barbecue area in the country house under a unique canopy with a fence or find a place on the site closed from vortices.

3. Convenient

The barbecue area in the country should be, on the one hand, far enough away from household facilities, on the other hand, close to the water supply so that you can wash your hands at any time and, in an emergency, quickly put out the fire.

4. Picturesque

Suppose the brazier is located in the summer kitchen or dining room area. In that case, the place for these objects should be selected in advance so that you want to spend a lot of time on it, enjoying the most beautiful landscape that can only be seen from the garden plot.

What Should Be Included in a BBQ? – (BBQ Products)

What Should Be Included in a BBQ

The traditional dish is meat, but today it is complemented by:

  • Fish,
  • Semi-finished meat products,
  • Vegetables,
  • Fruits,
  • Sausages.

Barbecue is the name of the outdoor event itself. The word came to us from the southern states of America as an analogue of the more familiar French word picnic.

3 Interesting Facts About Barbecue From Americans

Interesting facts about barbecue from Americans

In Washington DC and other parts of America:

  1. Have a barbecue in the backyards and invite the neighbours. The area near the house is decorated to make it visible to guests.
  2. They hold an annual competition for the best barbecue recipe. Masters of cooking meat on coals come to the capital from all over the country.
  3. They love to have themed parties. For example, get together on Family Day, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day.


So, a picnic can be a private or corporate party. Both the planner and the catering company can organize a barbecue. If professionals carry out the preparation, they deliver dishes and serve a country event.