What Goes Good With Cornbread? – (13 Savory Options)

Are you looking for What Goes Good With Cornbread? or What to Eat with Cornbread? Here, we made a list of tasty Combos for you.

What Goes Good With Cornbread

What Goes Good With Cornbread? 13 Savory options you can try

Cornbread is a special kind of bread consisting of cornmeal. People from different countries enjoy it either with other dishes or appropriate pairings.

It also blends well with multi-cuisine food items. It has been popular all over the world due to its versatility. Here are some other foods which taste excellent with cornbread.

1. Chili


Chili is one of the most popular options if you seeking for what to eat with cornbread. Spicy chili and sweet will make a delightful combination inside your month. If you don’t like raw chilis, try tasting cornbread with baked beans, creamy soups, or spicy stews.

2. Maple Syrup and Fruits

Maple Syrup and Fruits

Maple syrup pairs excellently with cornbread. It will give you a better taste than a waffle or cake. You can add some fruit toppings to make it more enjoyable. Bananas, apples, blueberry, and strawberries are most suitable for it.

3. Steamed and Buttered Vegetables

Steamed and Buttered Vegetables

Steamed vegetables taste excellent with all bread. If the cornbread doesn’t feel too sweet, you will like it with buttered veggies. Steamed vegetables taste excellent with all bread. The combination will create a creamy texture inside your mouth.

4. BBQ


Another delicious dish to try with the cornbread is BBQ. Almost every type of BBQs is suitable to taste with it. The BBQ sauce carries a spicy yet tasty flavor. It will taste delicious with the sweet and savory flavored bread.

5. Pork


If you love roasted pork, crispy pork, and other pork items, give them a try with cornbread. No matter which recipes you are following, they will be tasteful with savory cornbread. Besides, you can make burgers, sliders, lots of crusts with these two ingredients.

6. Creamy Chicken

Creamy Chicken

You can be surprised to see the chicken on the list as it is hardly served with cornbreads. But they can make a unique flavor, which will blow your mind. We can eat cornbread and creamy chicken together to satisfy hunger. Besides, many pie, burgers, casserole, and other recipes require both ingredients.

7. Dessert


In many places, people love to consume cornbread as a dessert. They decorate it with ice cream toppings and some fruits (optional). If it seems odd to you, try it right now. You will love the sweet as well as delightful taste.

8. Butter


It is needless to inform you that all bread becomes delicious with butter. Easting cornbread with butter is a healthy appetizer. It tastes way better than the combination of regular food and butter.

9. Jams


Jams and bread are a pair made in heaven. Raspberry, orange, apple, and apricot jelly increase the flavor of it. You can prepare a quick and healthy breakfast with these two options for your family.  If it seems too sweet, try using low-sugar jam and jelly instead of a sweeter one.

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10. Cheese


Good news for cheese lovers. Any cheese will produce a rich flavor with cornbread. Among several kinds, cheddar will be the best choice.

Before baking, add it to the bread butter. You can also add an extra slice of cheese to the top of the bread. Also, adding cheese in casseroles will make every spoon so magical.

11. Milk


If you want to try slightly different items, go for crumbled cornbread and milk. Though it is not our best suggestion, many communities find it tasty.

12. Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

According to lots of people, having it with fried chicken is always flavorful. Crispy chicken and soft bread are different but complement each other well. Many also prefer salad, pie, sandwiches consisting of fried chicken and cornbread.

13. Honey


If you love sweet dishes, try eating honey and cornbread together. It is yummy, effortless, and simple. You can eat it at breakfast and evening. Many people also have it after dinner as a dessert.