Rotisserie Game Hen in Air Fryer

Hey, fellow foodies! Today, I’m excited to share a fantastic recipe with you – Rotisserie Cornish Game Hen in the Air Fryer Oven. I recently picked up a little Cornish game hen at a great price and decided to give the rotisserie function on my air fryer oven another shot. Join me as we spin this little chicken to crispy perfection!

Rotisserie Game Hen in Air Fryer


  • Enjoy a delicious Cornish game hen at a steal, cooked to perfection in your air fryer without breaking the bank.
  • Simplify your cooking with the air fryer’s rotisserie setting, turning a small game hen into a crispy delight without the usual fuss.
  • Elevate your hen’s taste with Kinder’s mild barbecue rub, which effortlessly brings flavor to the table.
  • This air fryer method achieves a tasty result in just 40 minutes at 400°F, making it a quick and satisfying choice for busy days.
  • Experience the joy of crispy skin and juicy meat – a winning combo that makes this air fryer rotisserie the go-to for delightful Cornish game hen meals.

How to Cook Rotisserie Game Hen in Air Fryer

To cook a Rotisserie Game Hen in the Air Fryer, assemble the rotisserie rod, secure the hen, tie the legs and wings, season with barbecue rub, and air fry at 400°F for 40 minutes. Ensure it reaches an internal temperature of 183°F for a crispy and juicy result.

Rotisserie Game Hen in Air Fryer

Rotisserie Game Hen in Air Fryer Recipe

Yield: 1 Cornish Game Hen (serving size may vary based on individual preferences)
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes


  • 1 Cornish game hen
  • Cotton twine/string
  • Kinder's mild barbecue rub


  • Air Fryer Oven
  • Rotisserie rod and screws
  • Cotton twine/string
  • Drip pan
  • Quick-read thermometer


Let's begin with the step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Preparation

Secure the chicken

Rinse the Cornish game hen thoroughly.

Assemble the rotisserie rod by inserting it through the chicken.

Secure the chicken in place using thumb screws or regular screws if needed.

Step 2: Tying the Chicken

Tying the Chicken

To prevent the legs and wings from flopping around, tie them using cotton twine or string.

Ensure the chicken is securely fastened to the rotisserie rod.

Step 3: Seasoning


Coat the outside of the Cornish game hen with Kinder's mild barbecue rub for a flavorful kick.

Allow the rub to adhere to the skin for enhanced taste.

Step 4: Prepping the Air Fryer Oven

Remove the oven rack and place a drip pan at the bottom to catch any drippings.

Carefully insert the rotisserie rod with the seasoned Cornish game hen into the air fryer oven.

Step 5: Cooking


Set the air fryer oven to the rotisserie setting at 400°F for 40 minutes.

Keep a close eye on the hen to ensure it cooks to perfection.

Step 6: Checking for Doneness

After 30 minutes, check the hen's progress. The smaller size should make it easier to manage.

Use a quick-read thermometer to ensure the internal temperature reaches 183°F, ensuring a fully-cooked and juicy result.

Step 7: Final Touch

Once done, carefully remove the rotisserie rod from the air fryer oven.

Allow the Cornish game hen to rest for a few minutes before serving.

Step 8: Enjoying the Crispy and Juicy Game Hen

Rotisserie Game Hen in Air Fryer

The exterior should have a beautiful color, and the skin should be delightfully crispy.

Carve into the hen and savor the juicy and flavorful meat. The smaller size makes for a more manageable and enjoyable cooking experience.


And there you have it – a delightful Rotisserie Cornish Game Hen prepared in the Air Fryer Oven. The smaller size makes this cooking method more manageable and yields a crispy exterior with juicy meat on the inside. Give it a try, and let me know what you think! 

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