What is One-and-Done Washing Machine? (+ Review)

One-and-Done Washing Machine? The term “One and Done” washing machine refers to a type of appliance that combines both a washer and a dryer in a single unit.

Instead of having separate machines for washing and drying clothes, the One and Done washing machine offers the convenience of performing both functions in a single cycle.

This eliminates the need to transfer wet clothes from the washer to the dryer, saving time and effort.

What is One-and-Done Washing Machine?

The One and Done washing machine typically features a front-loading design and uses advanced technology to wash and dry clothes efficiently.

It often includes various features found in standalone washers and dryers, such as multiple wash and dry cycles, adjustable settings for temperature and spin speed, and options for different fabric types.

Some models may also incorporate smart features, allowing users to control and monitor the machine through a smartphone app remotely.

One and Done Washing Machine Review

Today, I’m thrilled to share with you the latest innovation from GE: the One-and-Done washer dryer combo in beautiful carbon graphite.

This front-load, ventless machine is a 28-inch washer and dryer all in one unit.

One and Done Washing Machine

With its impressive features and cutting-edge technology, this appliance is set to revolutionize laundry rooms everywhere.


The One-and-Done washer dryer combo offers a user-friendly experience with clear and concise controls.

The large screen time indicator keeps you informed about the cycle progress, whether it’s washing or drying. Its spacious 4.8 cubic feet capacity can accommodate even a king-size comforter.

The smart dispensers ensure that fabric softener and laundry detergent are dispensed correctly, optimizing the washing process.

Additionally, the machine includes a true lint screen that captures lint, keeping your clothes lint-free.

GE Smart HQ App Connectivity

Connectivity is a crucial aspect of modern appliances, and the One-and-Done machine doesn’t disappoint.

You can connect your appliance to your home Wi-Fi network in under two minutes by downloading the GE Smart HQ app and following a simple setup process.

This connectivity offers many benefits, including remote diagnostics, push notifications for cycle completion and lint screen cleaning, and the ability to create custom cycles directly from your phone.

The app provides a seamless and convenient experience, enhancing the appliance’s functionality.

Power and Water Hookups

Installing the One-and-Done machine is a breeze. The standard hookups required for front loaders are present, including a 110-volt electric connection and standard hot and cold water feeds.

Unlike vented dryers, this ventless technology doesn’t require an exterior vent, making it adaptable to existing openings in your home.

With its standard drain hose, you can easily connect it to your existing drainage system. The machine’s design allows for straightforward installation, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

Connecting To The Smart HQ App

Connecting the One-and-Done machine to the GE Smart HQ app is a simple and intuitive process.

After downloading the app, you can add your appliance with a few easy steps, including setting up your home Wi-Fi network.

The app provides a seamless connection and offers convenient features such as remote control, custom cycle creation, and push notifications for various alerts, including cycle completion and lint screen cleaning.

The connectivity enhances your laundry experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Testing The Machine

Putting the One-and-Done machine to the test revealed its impressive capabilities.

With its heat pump technology, the machine effectively extracts moisture, allowing for efficient drying without the need for emptying a bucket.

The large capacity and smart dispenser system make it ideal for handling large loads.

The machine delivered exceptional drying results in a real-world scenario with a heavy load of towels. The towels came out completely dry, exceeding expectations.

The machine’s quiet operation and user-friendly interface further enhanced the testing experience.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the GE One-and-Done washer dryer combo is a game-changer in the world of laundry appliances.

Its innovative design, connectivity features, and impressive drying performance make it a standout choice.

Product NameOne and Done Washing Machine
ColorCarbon Graphite
TypeWasher dryer combo
Size28 inches
VentingVentless technology (condensing dryer)
Power Requirement110 volts
InstallationStandard hookup (no special electric or drain hose required)
Capacity4.8 cubic feet (can hold a king-size comforter)
Special TechnologyHeat pump technology for moisture extraction
Microban TechnologyResists mildew and has anti-microbial properties
ControlsClear and concise controls with a large screen time indicator
Cycle OptionsVarious wash and dry cycles available
Smart DispensersAutomatically dispenses fabric softener and laundry detergent at the ideal time and load
Lint ScreenTrue lint screen that captures lint and prevents it from sticking to clothes
ConnectivityGE Smart HQ App Connectivity
Remote DiagnosticsAllows for remote diagnostics of the machine
Custom CyclesOption to create and send custom cycles to the machine via the app
Push NotificationsReceives push notifications when the wash is done, the dry is done, and when it’s time to clean the lint screen
Installation RequirementsStandard electric hookup (110 volts), hot and cold water connections, standard drain hose
SetupEasy setup process with the GE Smart HQ app
Size and WeightInformation not provided
Noise LevelDescribed as quiet
WarrantyInformation not provided

The seamless integration with the GE Smart HQ app provides remote control, custom cycle creation, and convenient notifications, enhancing the overall laundry experience.

The easy installation process and compatibility with standard power and water hookups ensure a hassle-free setup.

After thorough testing, I confidently recommend the GE One-and-Done washer dryer combo for anyone seeking a reliable, efficient, and connected laundry solution.