Nutribullet Ultra vs. Ninja Detect Duo – Comparison

Hello everyone! Today, I’ve got an exciting comparison for you – the Nutribullet Ultra vs. Ninja Detect Duo Power Blender Plus. As a food lover who loves his smoothies, I’ve put these two blenders through their paces to help you make an informed decision.

Nutribullet Ultra vs. Ninja Detect Duo


  • Compact and convenient for individual smoothies with a simple operation. Great for those on the go.
  • Versatile and powerful with a larger pitcher, providing options for various processing modes. Ideal for larger batches and added functionality.
  • Both blenders exhibit sharp blades, but the Ninja’s blend sense technology sets it apart, ensuring an automatic and precise blending process.
  • While both blenders offer practical solutions, the Ninja’s design for travel lids is simpler and more user-friendly.
  • Ninja offers more features for the price, Nutribullet is budget-friendly and portable.
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Nutribullet Ultra vs. Ninja Detect Duo

In the Nutribullet Ultra vs. Ninja Detect Duo showdown, the Ninja offers more versatility with a larger pitcher and additional processing modes, while the Nutribullet is a more compact choice for individual smoothies.

Today, we have the Nutribullet Ultra and the Ninja Detect Duo. Let’s dive into the details of these blenders and see which one comes out on top!

1. Design and Accessories

Design and Accessories
Design and Accessories

The Nutribullet Ultra has three different cups and travel lids, perfect for on-the-go convenience. Meanwhile, the Ninja Detect Duo boasts a large jar and two travel cups, providing versatility for different blending needs.

The travel lids for both blenders make them convenient companions for those busy mornings or post-workout refreshments.

2. Operation Modes

Operation Modes
Operation Modes

The Nutribullet Ultra offers two main modes – pulse and auto (smoothie mode). On the other hand, the Ninja Detect Duo provides a variety of modes, including blend sense, manual control, and pulse.

The automatic smoothie mode on the Nutribullet and the blend sense on the Ninja make the blending process hassle-free, allowing you to focus on other tasks while your smoothie is being prepared.

3. Blades and Performance

Blades and Performance
Blades and Performance

Comparing the blades, the Ninja Detect Duo’s blades appear to be slightly more aggressive. Both blenders, however, demonstrate impressive sharpness. Both blenders efficiently chopped ice, fruits, and vegetables during the demonstration, leaving us with well-blended and smooth concoctions.

The Ninja’s blend sense technology stood out, automatically starting and stopping to ensure optimal smoothie consistency.

4. Travel Cups and Lids

Travel Cups and Lids
Travel Cups and Lids

Regarding the travel cups and lids, both blenders offer practical solutions. However, the Ninja’s travel lid design is preferred for its simplicity and ease of use.

The Nutribullet’s lids, while functional, have a bit more going on, making the Ninja’s design slightly more user-friendly.

5. Pitcher and Additional Features

The Ninja Detect Duo shines with its 72-ounce pitcher and versatile processing modes, including large chop, small chop, and mince.

It also allows manual control over speed, providing more flexibility for various blending needs. The Nutribullet, while more compact, might be the preferred choice if you’re primarily focused on individual smoothies.

6. Price and Conclusion

Both blenders are currently priced competitively, with the Ninja Detect Duo on sale for $160 and the Nutribullet Ultra on sale for $130.

Considering the additional features and accessories, the Ninja Detect Duo offers more value for the price, especially if you need the extra capacity and processing options.

However, if portability is your primary concern, the Nutribullet Ultra may be the more suitable choice.

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In conclusion, the Nutribullet Ultra and the Ninja Detect Duo are excellent blenders with unique strengths. The Nutribullet Ultra is a compact and convenient choice for individual smoothies with two operation modes, while the Ninja Detect Duo offers a larger capacity, versatile processing modes, and robust technology, making it a more comprehensive option for those with diverse blending needs.

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