Ninja FlexDrawer vs. Ninja Dual Zone: Comparison

Hello and welcome to Earlyintime! Here, we’ll be delving into a detailed comparison of two prominent Ninja air fryer family members—the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone Airfryer and the recently released Ninja Foodi Flex Drawer Airfryer.

Ninja FlexDrawer vs. Ninja Dual Zone


  • If you cook for a big family, the Ninja Flex Drawer’s larger size is a winner—10.4 liters means no more worrying about multiple batches.
  • The Flex Drawer’s cool trick? It can be one big cooking space or two separate zones, giving you flexibility for various meals.
  • The Flex Drawer is a bit pricier, but if you’re into baking, its proofing function might make it worth the extra bucks.
  • Cleaning is a bit more work with the Flex Drawer due to its size, unlike the Dual Zone, which keeps it simple when you use only one side.
  • Pick the Dual Zone for a small crew, or go for the Flex Drawer if you’ve got a hungry army to feed—easy choice based on your family size and cooking style.Top of Form
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Ninja FlexDrawer vs. Ninja Dual Zone

Both appliances boast impressive features, but as we explore their capabilities, we’ll uncover the major differences that might influence your purchasing decision.

Price and Additional Functionality

Let’s start things off by considering two factors that can significantly impact your choice: price and additional functionality. The Flex Drawer comes with a slightly higher price tag than the Dual Zone. In the UK, you can expect to pay around £270 for the Flex Drawer, while the Dual Zone is more budget-friendly at £200.

Additionally, the Flex Drawer introduces a unique proofing function for dough, making it an attractive option for those who enjoy baking fresh bread or pizza bases. Aside from this, the two machines share similar functions, cooking times, and temperature settings.

Basket Size: The Game-Changing Factor

Basket Size
Basket Size

Now, let’s dive into the headline feature—the basket size. This is where the Flex Drawer and Dual Zone show their distinct characteristics.

The Flex Drawer steals the spotlight with its whopping 10.4-liter capacity, which is an impressive 10 percent larger than the Dual Zone.

This larger basket size can be a game-changer for families, allowing you to prepare sizable meals effortlessly without the hassle of multiple batches.

Flexibility of the Flex Drawer

Flexibility of the Flex Drawer
Flexibility of the Flex Drawer

One notable advantage of the Flex Drawer is its ability to be split into two zones, providing the flexibility to independently set temperatures or combine the space into one large cooking area.

This feature is particularly handy for diverse cooking needs—whether you’re preparing a family-sized roast or two separate items simultaneously. The larger drawer size in the Flex Drawer accommodates these versatile cooking options seamlessly.

Pros and Cons

However, with the larger basket comes a few considerations. Cleaning the Flex Drawer can be a bit more challenging, as you have to clean the entire unit even if you’ve only used one side. In contrast, the Dual Zone offers easier cleaning since you only need to clean the side you’ve used.

Another drawback highlighted in the article is the challenge of extracting food, particularly when cooking items like chips.

The larger tray in the Flex Drawer makes it less convenient to pour out the contents, requiring a bit more effort and a two-handed approach.

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In conclusion, choosing between the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone Airfryer and the Ninja Foodi Flex Drawer Airfryer aligns with your specific needs and preferences. If you have a smaller family and prioritize convenience in handling and cleaning, the Dual Zone might be the ideal choice.

On the other hand, for larger families seeking the convenience of cooking substantial meals with ease, the Flex Drawer, despite its minor drawbacks, emerges as the preferred option.

Ultimately, both air fryers deliver on their promises of efficient cooking, and your decision should be guided by your household size and the types of meals you frequently prepare.

Whether you opt for the budget-friendly Dual Zone or the more expensive but larger-capacity Flex Drawer, rest assured that both appliances offer superb performance for air frying enthusiasts.