How to Fix Keurig Mini Not Working

Suppose you’re an avid coffee lover who relies on your trusty Keurig Mini for that perfect cup every morning. In that case, nothing more frustrating than encountering issues preventing it from working smoothly. One common problem users face is the Keurig Mini turning off while trying to brew a cup, leading to lukewarm coffee.

Keurig Mini Not Working


  • Always have water in your Keurig Mini to avoid it shutting off mid-brew. A full reservoir keeps things running smoothly.
  • If water is leaking, use a bobby pin to stop it. Easy solution to prevent spills and maintain proper water flow.
  • If the machine stops, hit pause, fill up, and restart. It helps keep the pump working and ensures a good cup of coffee.
  • Follow these simple steps regularly for a consistently trouble-free Keurig Mini experience.
  • Troubleshoot with these easy tips to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every time.

How to Fix Keurig Mini Not Working

To fix a Keurig Mini that’s not working, ensure the water reservoir is consistently filled to prime the pump. Additionally, use a bobby pin to clamp any potential leaks in hoses, allowing for a smoother brewing experience.

Here, we’ll discuss an easy and quick fix to this issue that involves keeping the reservoir filled and addressing a potential leakage problem.

Reservoir Solution

Reservoir Solution
Reservoir Solution

The key to solving the Keurig Mini’s frequent shutdown during brewing lies in maintaining a properly filled water reservoir.

Often, users experience the machine shutting off before it starts pumping water, and even when it finally does, the coffee might still be lukewarm. The simple fix is to ensure that the water reservoir always contains enough water to prime the pump adequately.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the solution:

Fill the Reservoir

Fill the Reservoir
Fill the Reservoir

Before starting the brewing process, make sure the water reservoir is adequately filled.

Monitor Water Level

As you brew, keep an eye on the water level in the reservoir.

Priming the Pump

Priming the Pump
Priming the Pump

When the water level is low but not empty, press the off button to stop the brewing process.

Refill and Repeat

Refill the reservoir and restart the brewing process.

Repeat this step until you consistently brew a full cup of coffee without the machine turning off prematurely.

Following these steps’ll keep the pump primed, ensuring a smoother and more consistent brewing experience.

Addressing Potential Leaks

Addressing Potential Leaks
Addressing Potential Leaks

The user who provided this fix also mentioned a potential issue with water leaking, particularly under the Keurig Mini. They identified a hose – possibly a purge hose – that could be the source of the leak. To resolve this problem, they used a simple household item: a bobby pin.

Here’s how you can address potential leaks:

Identify the Leak

Check for water leaks under the Keurig Mini, especially around hoses or pipes.

Use a Bobby Pin

If you find a leak, clamp onto the leaking hose with a bobby pin.

This makeshift fix helps prevent water from escaping where it shouldn’t.

Ensure Proper Water Flow

Confirm that the water, instead of leaking, flows into the drip tray as intended.


With these easy fixes, you can enjoy your morning coffee without the frustration of a malfunctioning Keurig Mini. By keeping the water reservoir adequately filled and addressing potential leaks with a bobby pin, you’ll ensure a consistently smooth and trouble-free brewing experience.

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