How Do You Clean an Electric Stove Top? – (The 7 Easy Steps)

How Do You Clean an Electric Stove Top? Seeking in mind about how to clean glass stovetop? or How to Clean an Electric Stove? You may sometimes notice that your electric stovetop needs to be cleaned.

If you regularly use your stovetop, the chance is it desperately needs attention. Undoubtedly, the burners aren’t going to clean themselves. Dirty burners can affect your cooking and cause a fire hazard.

How Do You Clean an Electric Stove Top

How Do You Clean an Electric Stove Top? – Here’s the 7 BEST Ways

Although most top stovetops come with coiled burners and they’re designed to be self-cleaning, you may find some messes that require more careful effort. If you want to get an excellent result, you may need to remove the burners from the stove.

One of the best things about cleaning a stovetop is it only takes a couple of minutes. After completing the task, you won’t believe the shine. Now, we’re going to share with you some steps on how to clean an electric stove top.

How to Clean an Electric Stove Top

How Do You Clean an Electric Stove Top

Your burners will gather messes over time. When you’re going to clean your stovetop, you’ll need some essential items, such as dish soap, baking soda, water, and a dishrag. By using these items, you can easily clean your stovetop without any hassle.

1. Wait for the Stovetop and Burners to Completely Cool

When you intend to clean the stovetop, let the burners cool down completely. If you hurry up with the burners, you may burn your hands. Once they’ve cooled down, remove them from the stovetop and put them in the kitchen sink. The user manual will help you a lot to do so.

2. Wipe Your Stovetop with a Water Dampened Rag

Wiping the stovetop with a water-dampened rag is necessary, but the stovetop should be completely cooled down. Use a lint-free, dampened cloth, like a dish towel or an old t-shirt. Wipe up the entire surface of the stovetop.

If you use a flat stovetop that doesn’t have burners, like a glass-topped stove, use a suitable cleaning agent, like a window cleaner. You can also use a cloth and a bit of mild dish soap and water. Make sure that you don’t submerge any part of the burners and electric connections.

3. Remove the Burners From the Stove

Hopefully, you’ve already removed the burners from the stovetop and put them in the kitchen sink. When you’re going to remove them, you may notice that some coil burners can be removed by pulling the burner in the opposite direction of its connection.

But, some stoves may have extra fasteners. If you’re feeling difficulties removing the burners of your stove, consult your user manual or look up its manufacture and model number to check it online. Now, let’s eliminate dirtiness from the electric stove.

4. Scrub Burners with a Water-dampened Rag and Soap

It’s time to rub the burners hard. Keep the burners in hand to eliminate the dirt. Take a rag, rinse it in warm water, and wring out excess water. Put some dish soap on the rag and scrub the coil burners. You may need to rinse surfaces while cleaning, especially the dirty burners.

5. Break up Messes with Baking Soda

For cleaning all the messes from your stovetop, you need to use baking soda. But, it has to be used in a perfect measurement. First off, you have to take a small bowl or cup.

Next, mix a half-cup of baking soda with 3 tablespoons of water to make a thick paste. Apply it to dirty burners for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, wipe up the baking soda paste with a piece of clean cloth.

6. Clean the Areas Underneath the Burners

Cleaning the areas beneath the burners is essential when you’re removing all the dirt from your electric stovetop. For that, you need a clean dishrag, warm water, and a little bit of liquid dish soap.

If you save any baking soda paste, you can use it instead of dish soap. Lightly rub the entire dirty areas with a cleaning pad and avoid getting the socket wet. You may also need a cooktop scraper, made of hard plastic, to remove the junk.

7. Reinsert the Burners on the Stovetop

Now, you’re ready to reassemble the burners. After completing wiping all surfaces, including stovetop and coil burners, with a piece of clean cloth, reinstall the burners into their positions.

Switch the stovetop on to check whether the burners run correctly or not. If it works well, then you can use the stovetop as your requirements until the next cleaning attempt.


After all, cleaning any electric stovetop is easy. You don’t have to gather a lot of items to remove messes from the stove. Concentrate on the cooktop so that it cannot hold messes on and beneath the burners.

Use drip pan liners to avoid stubborn buildup. You can find one at most grocery stores and supermarkets. Instead, you can make one using aluminium foil and save your money. However, you should ensure the deep-cleaning of your stovetop at least once a month. If you can do it once in a week, you’ll get better results.