Double Sided Frying Pan – Advantages and Disadvantages

Double-Sided Frying Pan: The first written references to frying pans date back to the Old Testament. Initially, frying pans were earthenware bowls with low or high sides, in which we fried meat and fish over a fire, baked cakes and poultry, and cooked vegetables.

Later, with the development of metalworking, braziers appeared in the form of copper and bronze flat sheets with curved edges. Whole carcasses were cooked in them on fires or in fireplaces.

Double Sided Frying Pan

What is a Double-Sided frying pan?

Special lids for braziers were invented much later. At first, people covered the food being prepared with other frying pans, and hot coals were piled on top for faster and more even heating and baking. Then they began to supply convenience with eyelets and handles.

For many millennia, the principle of construction has not changed. It is still a flat pancake, with upturned edges, made in different versions. Each frying pan model has a specific purpose: the products are fried very well in some. They are baked or stewed in others, and still, others act as stewpans. There are models with grills. And only a double frying pan made it possible to combine all the options and create a fundamentally new brazier type.

Double-sided frying pan

It is a convenient design for cooking meat, fish, sausages, omelets, casseroles, and many other dishes. The mechanism combines deep containers with loops. Both sides are equipped with comfortable handles with a powerful magnet for a snug fit. They produce models of various shapes – square, rectangular, rounded, and in the form of a crescent. In some models, both parts are separated, allowing them to be used both together and separately.

The double-sided frying pan has high body walls – it is easy to fry the meat in large pieces in then bake whole fish and other products. The design has energy-saving properties. The corrugated inner surface performs practical grilling functions.

Prepared foods are placed on one-half of the turbo grill pan for cooking. The other half tightly closes the space. Products are cooked without turning or stirring, swapping sides by the handles and instantly turning the lid into the bottom.

The fryer includes additional features:

  • Collecting and draining excess fat or liquid into a particular container;
  • Steam outlet through a special hole in the design.

Classic double-sided frying pans are available in sizes 28 x 20 cm or 30 x 22 cm.

Differences between a Double-Sided frying pan and conventional models

The difference with other types of fryers lies in the extended multifunctional properties. It is a hybrid that combines the best qualities of typical frying pans. The universal shape easily performs the functions of a grill and has the effect of an oven, brazier, and stewpan.

Turbogrill frying pan allows you to do without a special grate when frying food, not to be afraid of oil or fat leaking. The design is easy to manage when cooking without additional accessories – spatulas, tongs, forks. After use, the plate remains clean, without splashes and drips of grease and juice. These frying pans work on any stoves in household use and on an open fire.

There are models for making desserts, pastries, and waffles on a wide scale. But traditional designs are more popular, which are connections between a grill and a stewpan. They are successfully used for diet food because they do not require much oil when cooking.

Pros and Cons of a Double-sided Frying Pan

Like all utensils, a double-sided frying pan has its advantages and functional features:

  • Ergonomics and functionality – such braziers contribute to a more accurate and accelerated process of preparing various dishes. No need to turn each piece or stir food while cooking. You can quickly turn the entire pan to the other side during stewing and frying.
  • The protective layer is a double-sided pan with a non-stick coating, allowing food to be cooked evenly, eliminating the possibility of burnt, unpleasant odor and food sticking to the bottom. It does not require the addition of a large amount of oil. Food may cook in its juice;
  • Operational safety – the brazier is equipped with two long handles-holders, often made of silicone, bakelite or polyurethane. These handles do not heat up at high temperatures, excluding the possibility of getting burned when cooking.
  • Fully Sealed – A heat-resistant silicone seal that runs along the top of the pan prevents liquid and grease from leaking when the pan is turned over while cooking.
  • Ribs – in a double-sided pan, one or both inner surfaces are made with corrugation. The fat formed during the cooking process accumulates in the hollows and evaporates. Cooking on a corrugated bottom eliminates the formation of smoke and foreign odors.
  • Original design – modern models are made in various shapes and colors. In a wide sale, you can find any shape for the most demanding taste;
  • Ease of storage – double-sided frying pans have good capacity in a small size. It helps them to be conveniently placed even in compact cabinets.

Before purchasing, you need to know some features of the operation:

  • Double pans are not intended for cooking in the oven. Large dimensions and elongated handles will not fit in the oven;
  • Not all fryers are adapted to induction cookers;
  • Frying pans are not washed in dishwashers;
  • Models are quite expensive.

Types of double-sided frying pans

Dishes are divided into the following categories.

By design form

Square braziers – this type is designed for cooking any food and has a good capacity. Allows you to cook large meals. Ideal for family dinners or large groups of guests.

Round double-sided frying pans – used for cooking in small quantities. Perfect for a family of 2-4 people or a small group. They can be easily used on any stove because the round shape matches the shape of the burners. They cost significantly less than large square models.

By appointment

Double grill pans – are distinguished by a ribbed inner surface, made in the form of a lattice, on one or both parts of the structure. It has strong, thickened walls of medium height and a thick bottom. It is more often used for frying, languishing, and baking meat and fish products, and fish. With a corrugated surface on one side, you can stew and bake various dishes in braziers.

Pancake makers are rounded or oval models with smooth bottoms and low walls. Braziers are lighter in weight, have thinner walls than grill pans, and are made from light metal alloys. The inner surface is coated with a non-stick layer. They are intended to prepare baked fruit (vegetables) and flour products.

By material

Aluminum – has a cast thickened bottom, which allows you to heat up quickly, and evenly distribute heat, which significantly improves the taste of cooked food. Aluminum molds are best used with little heat.

Stainless steel – the metal has a high degree of heat resistance. The products are not subject to deformation, making it possible to cook a dish over high heat. Braziers retain heat for a long time, contributing to the preparation of stews and stewed foods.

By coating the inner surface

Teflon – has a thin protective layer. Allows you to cook food in its juice, without additional oil. The non-stick coating is not intended for high heat, and the use of metal accessories is unstable. Washes with gentle means without hard washcloths.

Titanium is a remarkably durable coating designed for cooking at any temperature. You can cook it without oil and fat. It is resistant to mechanical damage.

Ceramic, marble, granite – the double turbo grill pan has an average resistance to damage and allows you to fry and bake a variety of products perfectly. The fryer is not designed for an induction hob.

How to Use a Double-sided Frying Pan?

Convenient design allows you to save the maximum amount of valuable substances during cooking. You can successfully cook any food in this cookware by frying and stewing, baking, simmering, and steaming.

Grill pans will help to bake large portions of meat or fish successfully. The corrugated surface will make a delicious crust when frying.

You can quickly and easily prepare diet poultry or fish dishes without oil. Products in their juice will remain soft and juicy, and the pan’s design will not allow food to dry out.

A device with a languishing function contributes to uniform heating. Delicate and fragrant vegetable and mushroom dishes, various stews, and casseroles with cream and sour cream, made in such a brazier, have a particularly delicious taste and aroma.

Small fish can be fried or baked whole. It will take much less time than in a regular frying pan. The dish will turn out soaked in juice without adding oil.

According to customer reviews, a double-sided frying pan is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen for people who adhere to the principles of a healthy diet.