Camp Chef vs. Blackstone Griddle – What is the Difference?

Camp Chef vs Blackstone Griddle: No matter how good you prepare a variety of food in your kitchen, you cannot deny that some meals are better cooked outdoors. They might be crowd-pleasing pancakes, freshly grilled steaks, crispy crust pizzas, and mouthwatering bacon.

Camp Chef VS Blackstone Griddle

Apart from that, you may go out with your family or friends to spend some time outdoors. At that time, you’ll need to cook some meals to eat or have instant, unhealthy fast food. Keep in mind that making some outdoor meals is always better.

Besides, you may want to throw a backyard party where your family and friends will be invited. And you’re probably looking for some delicious, restaurant-worthy cuisine to impress them. In all of the above situations, you need a top-quality griddle.

What Is the Difference Between Camp Chef and Blackstone Griddle?

Camp Chef vs Blackstone Griddle - Main Difference
The main difference between a Camp chef and a Blackstone griddle lies in their design and construction. In contrast, a camp chef comes with 2 wheels and 2 shelves, whereas a Blackstone griddle is designed with 4 wheels and one shelve.

If you’re going to purchase a high-end griddle in the market, you’ll notice plenty of options out there. You cannot decide what to choose or what not to choose. This is why we’ve selected 2 griddles from 2 leading manufacturers, Camp Chef and Blackstone.

In this article, we’re going to review the Camp Chef 4-Burner Flat Top Grill and the Blackstone 4-Burner Flat Top Gas Grill below. We’ll also show you the differences between the two in terms of some key factors and a comparison table.

Camp Chef vs Blackstone Griddle: A Quick Look

 Camp Chef Flat Top GrillBlackstone 4-Burner Top Gas Grill
Stainless Steel Burners44
Griddle Cooking Area604 Square Inches720 Square Inches
Grill Cooking Area501 Square InchesN/A
Grease Management SystemFrontRear
Locking Wheels22
Leg LevelersYesYes
Interchange Grill GrateYesNo
Dimension62.5 × 22 × 3762.5 × 22 × 36
Weight142 lbs.120 lbs.
Price399.99 USD330.39 USD

Hopefully, this table helps you understand the Blackstone griddle vs Camp Chef. So, let’s make a clear winner between the two below. However, we’re now going to review both griddles for you. If you already know all about them, you can skip the review sections.

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill – A Quick Review

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Sturdy Cookware

The Camp Chef is an excellent griddle that pulls out all the stops of cooking. Not only does this griddle come with high performance, but it also allows you to get access to a wide variety of features. First of all, it’s made out of stainless steel that comes with a nonstick coating.

2-in-1 Cooking Station with Adjustable Levelers

As you know, this griddle includes a grilling surface underneath the nonstick griddle top, making it a 2-in-1 cooking station. For the griddle and its legs, this piece of cookware has adjustable levelers that allow you to ensure a perfect balance of the surface.

Excellent Heating Sources

One useful feature is that the griddle easily heats up pretty quickly by using the ignition button. It includes 4 stainless steel burners, and each burner can supply 12 thousand BTUs of temperatures. You don’t need any additional heat source.

Large Cooking Surface

Another appreciating thing about the cookware is that the griddle offers a large cooking surface of 604 square inches with a 501 square inch grilling surface. This ample space allows you to prepare a lot of food for about 50 people at a time.

Effective Grease Management System

Most importantly, the griddle has an effective grease trap that rests at the bottom left of the griddle. It collects all excess grease so that you can always cook non-overly-greasy food. This is also a great health advantage for you.

Wheels for Easy Movement

If you’re planning on having a grill camping, then this griddle will allow you to do that. This is because the griddle is equipped with roller wheels for easy movement. When transporting it from one place to another, simply fold the side shelves and store the griddle in your car.

Ease of Cleaning

As the grease trap catches all the grease, this griddle is quite simple to clean. When you’re cleaning it, use a soft scraper to wipe all the remaining grease. If any sauce sticks to the surface, scrape it off while the griddle is still hot.

Blackstone 4-Burner Top Gas Grill – A Quick Review

Blackstone 4-Burner Top Gas Grill

Durable Cooking Station

The Blackstone Griddle offers a wide variety of features and benefits that can enhance your outdoor cooking experience. At first, the griddle is made of durable steel, while the powder-coated frame comes with a black carbon steel construction.

Fairly Spacious

On a 36-inch flat cooking top, this excellent griddle provides a large cooking surface of 720 square inches. So, it offers a bit more extra space in the cooking surface than the Camp Chef griddle. You can consider this griddle when you have to prepare food for many people.

Thick Griddle Plate

As you know, the griddle plate is made of thick rolled-steel. It mainly retains high heat and distributes that heat evenly all over the surface so that you can cook your food perfectly. Besides, it reduces the chances of dotting any spot on the surface.

Multiple Burners

When it comes to heating, the griddle includes 4 stainless steel burners. Each burner can generate 15,000 BTUs of temperatures. Compared to the Camp Chef griddle, the Blackstone griddle heats up more quickly.

Adjustable Heat Settings

The burners of the griddle have adjustable heat settings. This means you can utilize each heat zone for cooking particular dishes in exact temperatures. In other words, you can cook a meal on high heat, while you can set others to stay warm on the other sides.

Grease Management System

Despite having a grease management system, the griddle has a stand-out flaw, unfortunately. Chances are the grease can miss the tray and drip the legs down, or the grease drain can be clogged with food. Therefore, cleaning of the griddle becomes difficult.

Easy Transportation

With a weight of 120 pounds, the griddle can easily be transported due to its 4 strong wheels. You can fold the legs and side shelves to put it in a car in order to move it anywhere you want. To keep it in one place, you simply have to lock the caster wheels.

Camp Chef vs Blackstone Griddle: All Key Differences

Camp Chef vs Blackstone Griddle

Now that you know the effective features and benefits of both griddles, you can easily identify the differences between the two. Here we’re going to compare these griddles in terms of some essential factors. So, here we go!

Grease Management System

Both Blackstone and Camp Chef griddles have a grease management system. The difference is that the grease trap of the Camp Chef griddle is at the front, while the Blackstone griddle has a small opening at the rear to gather all grease and debris.

After using both of them, we prefer the front system over the rear one. This is because the rear grease trap is slightly difficult to move and clean. It can’t always grab the grease. Sometimes, the grease drain can be clogged with food and debris.

Heating Sources

Both griddles include 4 stainless steel burners that can generate enough heat. The Camp Chef griddle comes with the BTUs of 48,000, whereas the Blackstone Griddle features the BTUs of 60,000. So, it’s obvious that the Blackstone griddle has more BTUs than the Camp Chef griddle.

As per square inch of cooking surface, a griddle needs 80 to 100 BTUs to work its best. According to the calculation, the Camp Chef provides 79.47 BTUs per square inch, while the Blackstone supplies 83.33 BTUs per square inch. So, both could be excellent options for you.

Cooking Surface

When it comes to measuring the cooking surface, the Camp Chef griddle has 604 square inches, while the Blackstone griddle owns 720 square inches. So, it’s obvious that the Blackstone griddle comes with more cooking surface area than the Camp Chef griddle.

Besides, the Camp Chef griddle offers an extra cooking feature that you won’t find in the Blackstone griddle. If you remove the grill top, you’ll find a grilling surface of 501 square inches. In other words, the griddle allows you to use it as a traditional grill using grill grates.

Ignition System

The Camp Chef griddle doesn’t feature a push-button ignition system, whereas the Blackstone griddle comes with a battery-powered one. If you’re going to ignite the grill, you have to turn the propane gas on in the case of both griddles.

For the Blackstone griddle, you also have to turn the ignition burner knob to its maximum setting and wait for a maximum of 5 seconds until the burner lights. After that, ignite the remaining burners by turning the knobs sequentially from the closest to the farthest.

Although the Camp Chef griddle doesn’t have push-button ignition, each burner has its own ignition system. Once you’ve turned the propane on, simply ignite any given burner, turning its knob to its highest level. You don’t need to ignite them sequentially.


The Blackstone griddle features 4 wheels that help you easily move the griddle if necessary. You’re also allowed to lock two of the wheels to remain it the flat top grill stationary. In contrast, the Camp Chef griddle also has two wheels next to the propane gas tank.

One thing you don’t find in the Blackstone griddle is that the Camp Chef griddle has leveling feet that allow the griddle to be placed on uneven surfaces so that it cannot wobble. Due to the high-end wheels, we prefer the Blackstone griddle over the Camp Chef one.


The Camp Chef griddle comes at 399.99 dollars, whereas the price of the Blackstone griddle is 330.39 dollars. If we compare the prices of both griddles with their features, we’ll prefer the Camp Chef griddle. But, for quality, we’re ready to go with the Blackstone griddle.

Final Words

The Camp Chef and Blackstone griddles offer some truly functional and useful features, from an all-steel construction to excellent grease management systems. Both of the griddles come with 4 stainless steel burners and a propane gas technology.

Regardless of the similarities, the Blackstone provides a larger cooking surface than the Camp Chef model. But, the Camp Chef one has leg levelers that allow you to cook on a flat surface. However, the Blackstone griddle can provide more BTUs than the Camp Chef one.

FeaturesCamp Chef GriddleBlackstone Griddle
Grease ManagementFront systemRear opening
Heating Sources48,000 BTUs60,000 BTUs
Cooking Surface604 sq in720 sq in
Ignition SystemBurner ignitionBattery-powered
Wheels2 wheels4 wheels (2 lockable)

Although any of the griddles are excellent, we only prefer the Camp Chef model. This griddle is a bit more expensive, but it offers grill and griddle options with ample cooking space for large families. Anyway, the final choice depends on the buyer’s budget and requirements.

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