Feet, Socks, Technology and Mountain

As on other occasions, we have commented not only the footwear is important for our feet. Just as there is a type of boot, sneaker or sandal for each foot and use, there is also a sock for it and is that the sock world has long exceeded the cotton phase;) and technology has reached them.

Management of sweat, moisture, heat, cold, bacteria … there is no limit on the type of socks we can find. Not only boots, mountaineer, foot care and the use of appropriate socks depending on route, climatology, and perspiration is essential.

Feet, Socks, Technology and Mountain

We started with brief but wise tips for foot care in the mountains:

  • If you feel any rash on foot, for before forming the dreaded blisters.
  • If it is too late or is still in process … always wear patches to protect yourself from the blisters.

Take care of your nails with a correct hygiene and always cut out to avoid, especially in the descents, the so-called “black nails,” blood that accumulates under the nails in the form of a hematoma that can lead to intense and continuous pain.

If you go out regularly to the mountain, a good moisturizer is a way to avoid harshness or calluses.

We always say it, and we will never tire, do not make a hard and extensive route with new boots. Try them before at home, or with small walks and always with the socks that you will carry in the mountain so that the boot and its folds are made to your foot.

And remember, make ITV at your feet, a visit to the podiatrist from time to time never bad.

Avoid wet feet by poor perspiration. At this point, the choice of socks is fundamental, as we will see below.

If you follow these tips, your feet will have an iron health. And if you want to achieve the proper performance of the boots with Gore-Tex®, choose socks suited to your route, climate, and perspiration for maximum comfort and maximum climatic comfort.

Feet, Socks, Technology and Mountain

Here are some types of fibers in the socks, discover yours:

  • Soft fiber 7 times more absorbent than cotton.
  • It expels moisture to keep your foot dry and cool.
  • Minimizes the generation of sweat by evacuating and retaining heat, dry and comfortable foot.
  • Retains heat by reducing the generation of sweat. Absorbs excess heat by releasing it when needed.
  • It eliminates almost all of the bacteria and mold regenerating the skin.
  • Removes moisture, bacteria and avoids terrible odor.
  • Quick drying to maintain body heat.

And always remember that it is advisable to use synthetic fiber socks with Chiruca boots with Gore-Tex® so that sweat does not soak and achieve the highest possible perspiration.

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