Cleaning Tripod Cousins Clogged

Since it is on the market, the Primos Tripod has become the king of props for hunting, not by chance, owes its fame to that it is an efficient, stable and quality tool. And is that many advantages over other types of supports that there are in the market. The Primos Tripod wins the others in lightness, versatility and its design made by and for hunters.

The Primos Tripod, like all tools, needs maintenance, and the more extreme its use, or neglected its care will be worse the result.

It has a roller system inside each of its three legs because these rollers are manufactured to very strict tolerances the descent of said legs is soft and silent, otherwise would be a noisy and thin tool would favor the hunter or wait.

Customers often come with one or more of the tripod legs stuck, blaming the jam for a manufacturing failure, when in fact it is a maintenance problem.

One of the most common faults that are committed is oiling the legs with oil; this is a grave mistake since the oil is stuck particles of dust, dirt or dirt that then stuck the pins.

In this entry, we are going to teach you to remove the legs of the Tripod Primos to solve the problem of the jam.

Cleaning Tripod Cousins Clogged

Learn to Repair the Cousin Tripod Yourself

Disassembly of the Jammed Leg

Always proceed with caution, the leg is divided into two sections, one thicker (the bottom) and one thinner (the top) that goes inside the first.

It is necessary to hold the foot by the thick part with great care to tighten to tighten the jaw but without chafer the tube.

The Primos Tripod has a piece of plastic that prevents the lower section from coming out, making it stop.

This piece must be removed to access the inside of the leg. The piece is stuck with a tail that luckily is not very strong, which facilitates the work.With extreme care have to put a wooden block on the edge of the plastic stop and hit the club with a hammer, blow dry but not too strong. In case of not going out to the first one, we can try to go spinning the leg and hit in different points.

Once the piece is separated, we can remove the lower section of the leg of the Tripod Cousins to access the inner roller.

To pull it out, we simply pull the trigger of the tripod at the same time as we stretch out of the section, sometimes it takes a bit to get it out of the rust or dirt.

This is the appearance of the inner roller; it seems normal to get stuck, right? Luckily the problem has a solution; it involves cleaning all the parts and reassembling them.

Be careful not to lose the white washer that is surrounding the leg, since it is largely the one that favors a soft descent and without paw noises.

Remove the white washer and the nut that holds the roller, with a wrench of 8, and we can remove the roller by stretching.

Cleaning Tripod Cousins Clogged

Once the pieces are removed we have a cone, which is usually rusty, we have to leave it as new for the tripod to work smoothly, we help the Rolls Detergent to remove dirt.

The part of the thread that we see in the photo has a movement parallel to the axis of the leg, that is to say, when we pull the trigger, that part has to oscillate up and down. It is essential that we check that the leg makes that game. Otherwise the mechanism will not work.

If this part is stuck, we will have also to dismantle the upper leg section. This is done by merely unscrewing the leg, which is threaded to the top frame.

Once wholly unscrewed we can remove an aluminum rod that is probably full of dirt and must be left as new for everything to work smoothly.

Once the cone is well cleaned and verified that it makes its movement correctly proceed to clean the rest of pieces. The mechanism consists of 4 metal rollers inside a plastic holder in two parts so that when we pull the trigger of the tripod, the rollers are hidden inside the plastic piece, and when we release the rollers protrude anchoring inside the tube which forms the leg of the tripod.

We proceed to remove the rollers pushing from the inside out helping us with a punch or fine screwdriver, once we have the 4 we clean them thoroughly until there are no remains of rust or dirt. The next step is to clean the inside of the support piece, for this, as in the photo we can help a soft hair, or we can disassemble it in two pieces being careful not to break the little nails that join the two parts. To clean the waterproof grease and debris from dirt and rust again, Roll’s detergent is very helpful.

When everything is finally clean, we can assemble it again, joining the two black plastic pieces that form the support and putting each of the rollers in position.

Cleaning Tripod Cousins Clogged

At last, everything is clean, or almost, it is convenient to pass a nice cotton of the caliber 12 inside the tube of the foot, to remove the moisture that may be inside.

Now all you have to do is mount it all again. We start by greasing the metal cone a bit with a quality grease that does not degrade; we use Birchwood Casey grease. We put a beating (without passing) and extend it over the entire surface.

We can now put the roller in place and tighten the nut by also greasing the outside.

We only have to put the leg in place; a small trick is to hold the trigger pressed with insulation tape because if the trigger is loose will not allow us to put the section on its site. Another thing to keep in mind is to place the joint white correctly because if it is not in place, the leg will fall suddenly causing a lot of noise.

Now just put a drop of glue not very strong and replace the stop. The paw should go down and rise smoothly.

The Tripod Cousins clean and soft like new.

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